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This time, I would like to introduce "Evangelion Official Font Matisse EB".
Many people think of "Fontworks" as "Eva font", but the Heavy Ming Dynasty "Matisse EB" known as "Eva font" is a TV animation "Neon Genesis Evangelion" broadcast in 1995. It was used in.
At that time, the character representation of the L-shaped subtitle, which had an impact, became a very hot topic.

Safely "start". It's a character that makes you look cool and cool!

Among the fans, this typeface, which has been loved as "Eva Mincho" for 25 years, has been adopted by "Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version" and has received a new attention.
Therefore, we decided to release the Packaging of "Evangelion Official Font Matisse EB" as a tie-up design (new binding version) with "Shin Evangelion Theater Version".

Everyone, please try to use it for creative activities such as presentation materials, message cards, etc. and production of fanzines in "Eva Mincho"!
It's still early in time, but it's interesting to make New Year's cards in the Eva Mincho!

Today I would like to introduce a sample made using such "Eva Mincho"! Please refer to it!

I tried to call it a fictitious weapon "general human-type decisive battle weapon" that appears in the anime.
"Starting" is a character that makes you want to try it again.
A catch copy of "Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version". It takes on a long line to give it a "tappiness"!
"Happy New Year" by Eva font. The vertical lines are straight and cool.
"Project start". When you insert one piece into the presentation material, it looks good.
Speaking of Eva font, "Apostle, attack". After all, I want to use this word.
From "Apostle, attack", "Director, attack".
"progress report". This can also be used as a presentation material!

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