Message from the CEO

Company Info

Realizing a Future
Where Universal Communication Flourishes in Daily Life

Fontworks was established in 1993, under a corporate philosophy to create new culture through characters.

In 2002 we launched the industry’s first font subscription service, LETS (Leading Edge Type Solution), to make it possible for users to have quality fonts immediately when required regardless of the design goal. Since then, we continue to contribute to eliminating the distances between people around the world, between people and information, and between people and their creations.

Words and languages were born to facilitate communication, and we believe that characters play an important role in connecting the senders and receivers of both communication and tradition. We have consistently produced characters not only as symbols for communication, but also to leverage their power to breathe life into the thoughts and feelings of our users.

As the connections between individuals continue to evolve, from people to people, to people and goods, and now even directly between goods, the mode of character-based communication has changed apace, from paper to screen, and now to the medium of the air itself.

Our role is to always predict these evolving communication environments, and to impart new value into communication by providing the functionality to adjust to new environments.

New technologies produce new intelligence to surpass the boundaries of communication, but Fontworks will continue to provide the key elements to link people, information, works, and technology the world over: realizing a future where universal communication flourishes in daily life.

President and CEO
Ai Harada