FW font engine

Embedded system

Our original font rendering engine. It enables outline font screen display and printing on various embedded devices such as medical devices and industrial equipment. Provided in C language source code.


  • I want to use the lightest capacity font.
  • I want to display fonts on medical devices and industrial devices.

Main points of FW font engine

CPU / OS non-dependent

Provided in C language

Capacity 100KB

Architect conceptual diagram

Bitmap fonts are provided in three types: black binary images, grayscale 4 gradations and 16 gradations.

Font loader [➡Get glyph]

Get font outline data in a format called FW glyph format. Data can be passed to a system that draws vector data (OpenVG, etc.) or passed to this system for rasterization.

Scaler [➡ Scaling]

Expands or contracts the acquired FW glyph to the specified size. Hinting processing is also performed here to output a cleaner bitmap. Since scaling can be performed vertically and horizontally, you can also get the outline of the original font in the rectangular or flat style.

Rasterizer [➡Rasterize]

Create a bitmap by rasterizing the acquired FW glyph. It is possible to obtain not only normal monochrome (binary image) but also anti-aliased bitmap. You can also tilt it to make italic, rotate it in 1 degree increments, and thicken strokes to make it bold (when using anti-aliasing, Fontworks font only).

Specifications summary

Bitmap fonts are provided in three types: black binary images, grayscale 4 gradations and 16 gradations.

Product name FW font engine
Product price Please contact us
Language C Language
Endian Little endian / big endian
Floating point Not used
Bit width 32-bit / 64-bit
Font format OpenType / TrueType (including lightweight font Type-S) / Lightweight font Type-XS
Character encoding UCS-4
Hint Stem hint only
function Font loader / scaler / rasterizer
CPU Independent
OS Independent
capacity About 100KB

Flow until contract

  1. Hearing
  2. Quote
  3. Contract conclusion / application
  4. Delivery / inspection

Hearing content

  • Contract type (annual renewal / out of purchase)
  • Type and number of fonts you want to use
  • Whether customization is required (full customization / partial customization / as is)
  • Whether you need to rent