UC font


Multilingual languages such as Japanese, European, Hangul, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese have a unified design concept. Display devices for embedded devices are becoming more detailed, and are reaching high resolutions comparable to those of commercial printing. With the UI / UX design of such times in mind, we have developed a font that looks "universal in the true sense". It is the best font for use in GUI.


  • I want to customize it according to the characteristics of the device to be displayed.
  • I want to manage all the supported languages as a group.
  • I want to control the design even if the language changes.

Main points of UC font

Flexible license system

We propose a flexible license system for each product (product) and product series (project) that suits the product situation regardless of the number of units manufactured, the period, and the destination.

Unified design concept

Supports not only Japanese but also Chinese, Korean and European languages in Unicode. You can make a design that spans all languages and is open to all. Weight is 3 weights.

One-stop license

We provide a unified license window. Procurement is possible if you conclude a contract only with us.

Design features

Unique beauty that makes both readability and design

New designs in Europe, and Japanese, Chinese, and Korean fonts provided by top-level font manufacturers in each country provide base fonts, which are designed to meet local aesthetic needs.

Font design concept based on each language

You can design in a seamless way across languages. Weight recommend 3 weights.

Wide range of languages to cover

Supports not only Japanese but also Chinese, Korean, and European languages in Unicode.

One-stop license

We provide a unified license window. You can procure it by signing a contract only with us.

Adopting universal design

It is a design that improves visibility by taking a large opening. Nevertheless, it also has neutral elegance.

Fonts (excerpt)

Flow until contract

  1. Hearing
  2. Quote
  3. Contract conclusion / application
  4. Delivery / inspection

Hearing content

  • Contract type (annual renewal / out of purchase)
  • Type and number of fonts you want to use
  • Whether customization is required (full customization / partial customization / as is)
  • Whether you need to rent