Kazutoshi Fukuda


Born in Saga Prefecture in 1951. Graduated from Arita Industrial Design Department.
After experience in sign-related design construction, display decoration design construction, department store sales promotion related design production, etc., established the design office "OFFICE.K.PRO" in 1981.
1980-2002 / A member of the Nikkakai Design Department of the general incorporated association.
1980-2010 / Nika Exhibition Design Department consecutive selection, Special Award once, Honorable Mention Award twice, Encouragement Award once, Ayumu Award once.
1991/1992 / Saga Design Competition Graphic Division Excellence Award.

1994-1997/Saga Prefecture Technical Advisor/Design Patrol Consulting Business Advisor.
1996/ Outside lecturer at Saga Prefectural Institute of Industrial Technology.
From 2003 / / "Career education support project" dispatched lecturer (Arita Technical High School Design Department).
1998 / Started creating fonts.
2000 Released "Kakurei EB".

Representative font

Production font


My font creation is basically based on the typeface I want to use. The glyphs I have come up with on a daily basis are drawn not only as fonts, but also as various typefaces. Sometimes I create hundreds of characters. In this context, this starts with proposing what you want in your font. I would like to continue creating typefaces that many people can use with the letters I want to use.