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"Mojimo" is based on the concept of "just right characters at just the right price", and we pack the best typefaces for each specific purpose and offer them in an easy-to-use price range. You can use it with a fixed annual contract (some monthly packs are available). Apps that can use fonts on iPad and iPhone are also popular.


  • I want to use a specific font at a reasonable price.
  • I want to use fonts on my iPad or iPhone.
  • I want to use the fonts used in that manga and games at a great price.
  • The usage of fonts is decided, such as the same magazine production, indie game production, YouTube video production, VR production.
  • I am looking for a way to use the personal Chikushi typeface other than LETS.

Main points of "mojimo"

A perfect typeface for you

We have selected the fonts that are the ones we are trying to create and the ones we want to convey, and we have created a dedicated pack by selecting them.

Annual flat rate only when you like

We have realized the optimal price that anyone can use easily. We offer it on an annual flat-rate plan.

Safety license

We are clearly disclosing the content of the license as the content expands globally and the range of application of commercial fonts is expanding.

Service lineup

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