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Fontworks strives to create an environment where challengers can work with peace of mind, based on the idea that the accumulation of employee growth is the growth of the company.

Diverse work styles and attractive offices

"Work at Anywhere" -As one of the diverse work styles, we are promoting telework work, and you will be asked to decide your daily work style according to the work of each department or individual.

Telework work Introduced a company-wide system that allows employees to freely choose between going to the office and working on telework. If it is work-oriented and it is not inconvenient to work remotely, such as at home, telework work is used, and if employees want to collaborate efficiently, they can go to the office or return from the office to their home instead of the office. It is possible to work in any combination, such as teleworking.

In addition, you can take vacations efficiently with the flex system that allows you to go to work at different times or leave the office early, as well as morning and afternoon holidays.
Free address We do not have fixed seats in the office, but use free addresses to promote active communication between employees. In addition to a meeting room with an external partner, there is also a personal space for those who want to concentrate on their work, and the office is designed to realize creative ideas.
Office awards Fontworks' office has won numerous international design awards.

  1. Outstanding Property Award London / Platinum (Tokyo)
  2. MUSE Design Awards / Gold (Tokyo)
  3. A'Design Award and Competition / Bronze (Tokyo)
  4. Novum Design Award / Bronze (Tokyo)
  5. Architecture MasterPrize / Honorable mention (Tokyo)
  6. MUSE Design Awards / Gold (Fukuoka)
Head Office (Minato-ku, Tokyo)

Produce by PRISM DESIGN / Photo by Katsumi Hirabayashi
Fukuoka Creative Lab (Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City)

Produce & Lead Designed by PRISM DESIGN / Collaboration designed by Design Studio GAKU / Construction by SEMBA CORPORATION / Photographe credit © Katsumi Hirabayashi

Backup to support growth

You can build your own career in the direction of higher performance.

Selectable career paths Beginning with the "development area" that enhances basic knowledge and abilities through various tasks, and progressing to the "leader / professional area" that leads the surroundings with high expertise, and then the "management area" and "management area" for managers It is divided into either "professional area".

You can choose a career while matching the role expected by the company with the intention of the person.
1on1 Once a month, the line manager and members hold face-to-face and online interviews for more than 30 minutes. We are following up on future career development by looking back on the past and current situation of the members and supporting what they want to do and task setting.

Immediately after joining the company, the frequency is increased so that follow-ups can be carried out with great care, so there is an environment in which you can feel free to discuss any concerns or worries after joining the company.

Friends working together

The sales / development department and management department are based in Tokyo, and the design / production department and customer success department are based in Fukuoka.

Introducing articles that convey the state of the company.

We are looking forward to your application if you have sympathy for our thoughts and have aspirations.