Font Service

Fontworks offers licensed products in the form of flat-rate plans tailored to your usage scenario and individual needs.
A rich collection of fonts is at your disposal for multiple Language, including Japanese, Language using Latin characters, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Korean, Thai, and Hebrew.
In addition, by joining the Monotype Group in 2023, we are now able to offer Monotype font services.

Embedded products

We provide fonts and systems for embedding into a wide range of devices, including digital home appliances, in-vehicle equipment, and medical equipment.
These bring superior readability and aesthetic beauty to text on devices, including UIs (user interfaces).

Custom Fonts

We develop fonts to suit the company or product image and customer requests. We also accept customization of existing fonts.

other services

We provide services, etc., to foster familiarity with, interest in, and interest in fonts.

Font special website

We introduce fonts that represent Fontworks.
You can use these fonts by subscribing to licensed products offered by Fontworks (such as Fontworks LETS).

Discontinued product

We sold products for those who wanted to purchase specific fonts as one-time purchases, and Packaging products that collaborated with specific content.