Company History

Company Info

Established Fontworks International, Ltd.
Release of Postscript Japanese font "Rodin DB"


Fontworks Friendship Meeting
Launched "New Character Legend" Packaging ATM

Launched "Future Letter Studio", a medium and low resolution version
Fonts Gaiji 718 characters are added to each typeface of Rodin / Matisse / Seurat / Cezanne / Greco and redesigned to Plus typeface

Expanded to Fontworks Friendship 83 stores
Product restructuring, value pack with great value

Release of "Fontworks ATM Font Classic Set 25", a 10th anniversary thank-you pack for Rodin

Fontworks collection appears as CID font (CD-ROM Volume 5.0)
Released “Fontworks Gaiji Master 1.0”
Fontworks Collection OCF font products Switch to build-to-order production
End of Support for old version OCF products "Installer ver 3.3 or lower printer font products" and "New character legend ver 1"
End of acceptance of upgrade from old version OCF products to Plus typeface (ver 4.5)

Fontworks Collection OCF Font Products Discontinued
Released "Fontworks CID Classic Set 26 ATM Exclusive Edition / Mid / Low Resolution Edition"
Released "Fontworks CID Classic Additional Typeface Pack" that includes Seurat CID-L/UB and Klee CID-DB
Released "Fontworks Gaiji Master NEO" (with this, the Gaiji Master 1.0 was discontinued)

Acceptance of "Pre-LETS", which precedes as part of the comprehensive font environment Support program "LETS", started
Release of "LETS Entry Pack CID ATM Exclusive Edition", a Packaging with a free LETS membership fee
"Pre-LETS" shipment start (OpenType font advance provision start to LETS members)
Full operation of "LETS" started
Launch of Packaging OpenType font products (Classic Series 29 typefaces for Mac / Win)
Fontworks Japan and Iwata announce business agreement on expanding font sales and technical cooperation

End of font sales by FBF
End of preferential sales of OpenType font Packaging products
Macromedia and Fontworks Japan strengthen cooperation to improve user convenience for Japanese fonts
Launch of "LETS for ASP server"
IWATA CORPORATION participates in LETS business
Iwata and Fontworks Japan form a business alliance regarding the LETS business

Launched "LETS for Mac OS X Server"
Started sales of "Iwata LETS"
End of Support OCF font Packaging products
Launched “Maiji”, a glyph conversion tool

Released Korean font "JIKJI LETS"

Launched the Windows version of the glyph conversion tool “Maiji”

End of upgrade service for Packaging products OCF fonts to CID fonts
Company name changed from "Fontworks Japan Inc." to Fontworks Inc.
Moved office from Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka to Kamikawabata-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka

Scaleform and Fontworks form partnership to provide vector graphic fonts to Japanese game developers
Started sales of "Type Bank LETS"
Finished manufacturing and shipping floppy disk CID font products
Started sales of "Hosho LETS"
Released a freeware font management tool "LETS FontACE Lite" and started Downloads
"Tsukushi Old Mincho" and "Tsukushimaru Gothic" are "Tokyo TDC Award 2010" < TDC Award > Awarded

Started sales of "Shirafune LETS"
Mar. Ends manufacturing and shipping of external character creation tool "gaiji master NEO" Packaging products.

"LETS Entry Pack CID ATM Exclusive Edition" is no longer available
"Type Bank LETS" and "JIKJI LETS" services ended
Launched "LETS Member Certificate Issuing Service"

Capital tie-up with SB Technology Co., Ltd.

New service started under the concept of [LETS AS ONE]
LETS install kit renewal
Launched educational support program "LETS for students"
Web font function "FONTPLUS for LETS PUTK" started to be provided.

MOTOYA CO.,LTD. participates in LETS business
Motoya and Fontworks form a business alliance regarding the LETS business

Apataichi is appointed as President and CEO
Fontworks Universal Design font wins IA Universal Design Award 2016 Silver Award

Ai Harada appointed as President and CEO
Strategic business alliance with Monotype Co., Ltd.
Western / multi-Language start the typeface annual flat-rate font service "Monotype LETS"
Chikushi typeface series won the 2017 Good Design Award
Chikushi typeface won Tokyo TDC Award 2018 Type Design Award

Started select font service "mojimo". Started providing "mojimo-manga" as the first step.
Launched a lightweight font "Type-S / Type-XS" for embedded solutions
Launched the second pack "mojimo-kirei", "mojimo-kawaii" and "mojimo-oishii" of the select font service "mojimo"
Launch of mojimo-game, the third pack of select font service "mojimo"
Launch of the fourth pack "mojimo-joshi" of select font service "mojimo"

Solution for embedded devices Launch of "Type-D", a device font for ultra-small screens / Announcement of evidence of experiments in joint research conducted with Kyushu University for this font
Embedded solution Font "Type-D UD Kakugo_Small-M" for ultra-small screen devices launched Joint research materials with Kyushu University also released
5th pack "mojimo-live" and "mojimo-live Lite" of select font service "mojimo" started
Received the 18th Keinosuke Sato Award
As the 6th pack of the select font service "mojimo", the Maru Mincho type developed by Kinuta Type Co., Ltd. is now available as "mojimo-marumin".
Participated in the LETS business of SHOWASHOTAI Co.,Ltd. Showa typeface LETS provided
As the 7th pack of the select font service "mojimo", the typeface developed by Showa typeface is available as "mojimo-fude"
Launch of the 8th pack "mojimo-jewel ☆" of select font service "mojimo"
The 9th pack "mojimo-VR" of select font service "mojimo" is now available.
Event "Moji Fes. Mojito Motto Jyuuni" held in Shibuya
Headquarters moved from Fukuoka to Tokyo, Fukuoka base moved to "Fukuoka Creative Lab"
UD Marugo_Large Maru Go_Large-L / B, TypeXS-UD Marugo_Large Maru Go_Large-L / B) with lightweight font "Type-S / Type-XS"

Presented research on text information presentation method in AR environment in collaboration with the University of Tokyo
韓国語フォントメーカーYoonDesign Group Inc.、LETS事業に参画。「YOON LETS」提供開始。
Select font service "mojimo" iPad / iPhone pack "mojimo-select for iPad β version" now available
Tokyo Headquarters Office Wins Platinum in "Outstanding Property Award London" Interior Design Category
"Evangelion Official Font Matisse EB" Packaging sold as a tie-up design with "Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version"
UD Marugo_Large Maru Go_Large-M / DB, TypeXS-UD Marugo_Large Maru Go_Large-M / DB) with lightweight font "Type-S / Type-XS"
Tokyo Headquarters Office Wins Gold in "MUSE Design Awards" Interior Design Category
Embedded solutions Simplified Chinese fonts for China (jointly developed by Hosho Electronics), such as "Tsukushi A Old Mincho" and "Pearl" are now available.
Started Japanese font application "mojimo" for iPad / iPhone
Launched "mojimo-free" and "mojimo-select"
Started providing "mojimo-manga" in the Japanese font application "mojimo" for iPad / iPhone
Tokyo head office received Bronze in INTERIOR SPACE AND EXHIBITION DESIGN category of "A' Design Award and Competition"
Tokyo Headquarters Office Wins Bronze in Interior Design Award at Novum Design Award
"ASP server compatible LETS" has been renewed as "LETS server license" and is now available
"Mojimo-kirei", "mojimo-kawaii" and "mojimo-oishii" are now available on the Japanese font app "mojimo" for iPad / iPhone.
Fukuoka office "Fukuoka Creative Lab" won Gold in the interior design category of "MUSE Design Awards"
Corporate site won the Grand Prix at the Corporate Site Award in the Corporate Grand Prix category of the "8th Web Grand Prix" sponsored by the Japan Advertisers Association Web Advertisement
Tokyo Headquarters Office Receives Honorable mention in "Architecture Master Prize" Interior Design Office Category
Tsukushi Gothic", "Tsukushi Old Gothic", "Tsukushi A Midashi Mincho", "Tsukushi Antique L Go", and "Tsukushi Antique S Go" in Simplified Chinese fonts for China (jointly developed by Hosho Electronics).
"Mojimo-jewel ☆" is now available on the Japanese font app "mojimo" for iPad / iPhone.

8 typefaces such as "Klee", "Rock'n Roll", "Reggae" and "Dot Gothic" are now available on "Google Fonts"
"Mojimo-select" is now available on select font service "mojimo"
Renewal and start of annual flat-rate font service "LETS"
Tokyo Headquarters Office Wins Bronze in Interior Design Category of "International Design Awards"
Acquired ISO 27001, the international standard for information security management
Started offering a license that allows you to incorporate fonts into apps and games and use them on the annual flat-rate font service "LETS".
"Typography Award presented by Fontworks x ViViViT" held
LETS renewal for students
Launched "Musubimo", a font service that supports children who will lead the future
11 typefaces such as "Tsukushi A Old Mincho" and "UD Marugo_Small Maru Go_Small" are now available on "Google Fonts"
FlipFont® is now available on the Galaxy Store (Rampart Railway)
Expansion of "LETS for students"
New LETS releases new function "Group Function" for corporations

“MOJICITY,” an experimental virtual city that “creates a world where you can freely enjoy your own fonts,” opens.
Automatic font generation app “AI JIMOJI” released at “MOJICITY”
"mojimo-EVA" now available on select font service "mojimo"
Acquisition of shares of Integral Vision Graphics Co., Ltd. (making it a subsidiary)
"LETS for Academic (Academic License)" and "LETS for Server (Server License)" are now available at the new LETS
"Font list sharing function" added in new LETS
"Mojimo-retro future" is now available on the select font service "mojimo"
New LETS launches "Impression Word Search AI (β version)" that allows you to search for fonts from "Impression Words"
"Mojimo-retro future" is now available on the select font service "mojimo"
Current LETS discontinues provision of new fonts
Partial revision of terms of use for the font automatic generation app "AI JIMOJI"
Started offering new typefaces "MotoyaHongkong" and "Motoya Kaku Note" at Motoya LETS
The game “Ninnin!” will be held at the experimental virtual city “MOJICITY”. Release of ``Visual Degozaru''
“Artificial Intelligence No. 6 (beta version)” released at experimental virtual city “MOJICITY”
Started offering a total of 51 typefaces: “Fontworks LETS”, “Motoya LETS”, and “YOON LETS”
Fontworks LETS now offers font weight reduction options
Developed TV Asahi original font "TV Asahi UD"
Jointly developed LINE original font "LINE Seed JP" with LINE Creative Center BX Design Room
Font AI learning app “I want to know about artificial intelligence No. 4” released in the experimental virtual city “MOJICITY”
Started offering 3 “AR fonts” optimal for AR environments

Started providing 6 typefaces such as "UD Kakugo_Large" in "Adobe fonts"
Started offering "mojimo-plus" on select font service "mojimo"
Transferred shares from SB Technology Co., Ltd. to American type foundry Monotype. Under Monotype
Font name search app “Font search from photo” released in experimental virtual city “MOJICITY”

Launch of “Shokotan Font”, a collaboration project with Shoko Nakagawa
Hisahiro Shimizu was appointed as Representative Director and President.