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弊社では「もじと もっと じゆうに」というタグラインを掲げ、時代やお客様の環境に適応した、新しい機能や価値を様々な製品を通じてご提供させていただいています。

While the importance of intellectual property is increasing, unauthorized use has recently become a problem due to the spread of the Internet and SNS. Computer software as digital works is the result of the intellectual and creative activities of software manufacturers and is an important asset. By purchasing and using genuine products, software manufacturers receive incentives for corporate activities and engage in new intellectual production activities. Proper use of genuine products is essential in order to provide superior products at reasonable prices.

However, unfortunately, it is also true that unauthorized use without the consent of the software manufacturer, such as pirated copies and unauthorized use, is rampant. These unauthorized uses are illegal acts that can cause significant damage to software manufacturers. In addition to raising awareness throughout the software industry, we will actively work on countermeasures, including legal measures, both civil and criminal. When using software, please refrain from using software that has been illegally distributed or sold, and instead purchase and use genuine software products.

We are a member of the Computer Software Copyright Association (ACCS), and as a member of ACCS, we are engaged in activities to protect the rights of copyright holders of digital works such as computer software and to disseminate copyrights. .. We will continue to contribute to the development of economy and culture in the computer society.

Example of unauthorized use

In the examples of unauthorized use below, "font" and "font data" refer to fonts for which Fontworks holds the rights.

1. Acts of using font data outside the scope of permission or making profits

  • Acts of copying font data and transferring, lending, or distributing it to specified or unspecified persons
  • The act of copying font data and selling it on flea market sites, auction sites, etc.
  • Acts of illegally using fonts in joint development tools, web design tools, etc.
  • Acts of using fonts beyond the contracted license number or license term
  • Acts of lending or transferring fonts to parties who do not have a license for our product.
  • The act of installing and using fonts on a PC, server, etc. without a contract.

2. Acts of modifying font files in any way.

  • Acts of converting OpenType fonts or TrueType fonts, etc. into other formats without our permission.
  • Acts of extracting web fonts and using them in ways other than those specified by our company.
  • The act of converting a font to a WOFF file and using it as a web font
  • The act of extracting font data embedded in commercialized programs such as games sold by other companies

3. Acts of using fonts in environments not authorized by the Company.

  • The act of uploading fonts to a file server, PC, etc. and creating an environment where they can be used beyond the contract license.
  • The act of creating a system that allows text input using web fonts
  • Editing or inputting using fonts on development platforms, App, etc.
  • The act of remotely Locations and using a PC that has a contract on a device-by-device basis.
  • Acts of allowing an unspecified number of users to use fonts other than server products sold by our company in the ASP service we operate.

4. Acts of claiming intellectual property rights for character parts in works using fonts

  • When registering the copyright or trademark rights of a product that uses fonts, the act of insisting on restrictions on the use of some or all fonts used in the product.

5. Acts of using fonts distributed without permission, regardless of whether or not the person is aware that it is illegal.

  • Acts of Downloads and using fonts from sites or servers that are not approved by our company.

6. Acts of use outside the authorized area

  • Acts of using fonts outside of authorized regions such as overseas

Regarding reports of unauthorized use

Please report any unauthorized use from the page below. The information you fill out will be sent to our Support center.