Web font service FONTPLUS



FONTPLUS (Font Plus) is a Web font service that offers a wide variety of professional fonts. Widen the representation by various fonts and abroad, by dynamic subset technique to take out only the more ⽂字required content Web Table ⽰ speed site UP. We will add an unprecedented experience to online communication.


  • Web would like to table ⽰ the font is also on the site.
  • I want to use Web fonts that take accessibility and SEO into consideration.

Main points of "FONTPLUS"

World's fastest font platform

All you have to do is attach a tag. "FONTPLUS trial writing" also makes it easier to select, try, and share Web fonts.

All-you-can-choose your favorite font

An abundance of Western and Japanese fonts. Unlimited number of installation domains. You can use these with one license.

Light display speed

Efficient font display that reads only the characters you use. The pages do not become heavy, so you can deliver high-quality pages to users quickly.

Service lineup