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SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are international goals set at the United Nations Summit in September 2015 to aim for a sustainable and better world by 2030, with 17 goals and 169 targets. Consists of.

Fontworks wants to be a person who gently connects people, information, works, and technology with people all over the world, based on the idea of "Freedom with letters, more and more

We, Fontworks, have launched a project by volunteer employees to tackle these issues that are occurring on a global scale, step by step, to tackle these issues that only we can do, and to promote efforts toward the achievement of the SDGs. I was allowed to.

Fontworks supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Efforts to achieve the SDGs

In the project by volunteer employees, we looked back on what we have been working on to achieve the SDGs, and set the following three directions to focus on in the future.

1. Realization of decent work
Develop human resources by creating equal opportunities regardless of attributes and personnel system. Work to improve and reform the working environment to maintain the health of employees and improve their motivation to work. Promotion of paperless in-house materials, services and procedures.

2. Creating new value by connecting people and things
With the evolution of technology, we create new value by connecting many people and things.

3. Contribute to society with the power of technology
Contributing to the development of society through advanced research efforts and technological development.

We will continue to strengthen specific initiatives based on these guidelines and disseminate information with the aim of achieving the SDGs.

Activity report

We have launched "Musubimo", a font pack dedicated to support, with the aim of supporting the independence and success of children who will lead the future society. We will continue to provide support to children together with those who share the feelings of Fontworks and agree with the purpose of "Musubimo".

The activities of in-house projects that promote the achievement of SDGs will be posted on the blog.