Original typeface development






  • I want to create an original font for a company or brand.
  • I want to develop a font that matches the product image.
  • I want to reflect the demand based on existing fonts.
  • 会社や製品のブランディングを強化したい。

Main points of original typeface development

Use existing fonts freely

You can use the fonts provided by Fontworks as corporate fonts by defining the range according to the contract details.

Customize only one part according to your needs

At a comparatively low price, only the specific glyphs of existing fonts have been redesigned. It reflects the customer's purpose and preference.

Full custom for your own typeface

If existing fonts or some customs do not embody your image, we also create brand new original fonts.

Customization example

The following is an example of designing some characters of an existing font according to the customer's request.

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