The rebranding of a long-established pawnshop, Daikokuya The appearance of "art" and "luxury" in Chikushi typeface


▲ CM "Appraisal" version broadcast in the Kanto area

In commercials, appealing the company's appraisal technology to determine the market value of branded products with a high-brand style production.

Purchase and sell branded products "Daikokuya" However, in the Kanto area, we rebranded for the first 72 years, including the first commercial broadcast, graphic production, and the company logo renewal.

This time, I was involved in creative works such as logo production, CM, graphics, web campaign logo, and Mr. Nakagawa, creative director of Dentsu Inc. who was in charge of this project, and art of Dentsu Inc. Mr. Nagai and Mr. Wakabayashi of Sherpa Co., Ltd.

We talked about the font you selected this time as part of the rebranding efforts of a long-established company.

Because it is a company that "handles high brands," it should have a good and dignified logo.

--Chikushi typeface is used for both logos and commercial graphics. Originally, please tell us the story together with the request from Daikokuya.

-Mr. Nakagawa

From the Daikokuya-sama, the flea market is in full swing Rebranding With the consultation, we decided to renew the logo at the timing of producing commercials and graphics.

-Mr. Nagai

I verified using various fonts, but after all, "We handle high brands" Because it is a company, it should have a good and elegant logo. On top of that Long-established feel, history, elegance I wanted to cherish that, and I was proceeding with the Mincho style, but there was a typeface that I saw before and it was strongly input. It's Gothic but I'm writing with a brush, it's not Mincho, but it has both strength and elegance." Tsukushi Old Gothic "was.

While working with Mr. Wakabayashi, it was a story that the font's flaky part is so strong that it might match the character of Daikokuya, which is widespread.

Old logo
Completed logo

Designed like a family crest to express "history" and "trust"

--Did you find any other typefaces you could find?

-Mr. Nagai

I also tried to make a thin typeface, but I decided that it would be better to be more dignified and Tsukushi Old Gothic.

If you talk about the "quality" design in front of Daikokuya, there is a family crest in Japan. I think that a family crest is a symbol that represents the history of a long house or a sense of trust, and by designing the letters of quality like a family crest into one logo, Confidence of Daikokuya I thought to express.

In the previous logo as well, the frame surrounding the word "quality" was a square and a circle, so we took advantage of this while re-expressing the connection with customers and the relationship with things.

-Mr. Nakagawa

The key color of Daikokuya is yellow, but the original logo had many colors on the yellow background, such as blue, red, and black, so I unified it with black and gave it an item.

What I expressed is "end spread". Tsukushi Old Gothic "Goods"

--Please tell us about the alteration to letters.

-Mr. Nagai

The word "Harai" in the letters "Daikokuya" has been slightly modified to emphasize and expand the expression.

Even though this typeface is Gothic, it feels like Mincho. I think that's what really brings about the product.


All the parts of "Daikokuya" are made of the same element so that the three characters can be seen as one I chose

-Mr. Nagai

Tsukushi Old Gothic is exquisite because it is old Styles but modern.

-Mr. Nakagawa

As a way to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, the thicker one was after all, when it came to promoting trust and appraisal power. At first glance, "I like this".

On top of that, it would be difficult for the customers to understand if it was changed too much, so I decided to make good use of Daikokuya. As a further adjustment, since there are many inbound people recently, I have entered English letters. As we deal with official and high-brand products, we want to bring out that kind of luxury.

The appearance of "appraisal"

-Mr. Nakagawa

The flea market app, which is in full swing, is a place where others decide value, Suitable for selling the branded goods that you cherished In some cases, it may be questionable.
Also, when compared to pawnshop competitors "It's better to be fashionable if you go anyway" .

In order to clarify the difference with the flea market app and other companies, "Appraisal" I wanted to express the appearance by putting emphasis on the.
It matched this font.

--Honestly, pawn shops are a bit difficult to enter. It would be nice if this logo would be wiped out.

-Mr. Nakagawa

I think that there are many people who feel the height of the sill, or something like darkness. Actually, I was worried about whether to take the word “quality”. But when selling appraisals, it's better to have quality as a backbone.

In addition, regarding communication, I made good commercials and graphics that were really cool, so I think it was good that there was an impact when I entered "quality" there.

Jack Roppongi, Omotesando, Shinjuku and Shibuya!

Graphic posted at Roppongi Station
Roppongi Station where stories are developed through Advertisement. A device that allows you to gaze while getting on and off the escalator.
Graphic posted on Omotesando We also posted it on Omotesando, the sacred place for high brand and women's magazines, and it was very noticeable surrounded by high brand Advertisement.
Graphic posted in Shinjuku

--Why did you use Tsukushi Old Mincho in the copy of the graphic/CM?

-Mr. Nagai

In the copy, "The value is appraisal." I thought that the Mincho with a little sheer was good to match the graphic image, and I verified it. Among them, "Tsukushi Old Mincho" was the best item and matched this image.


In the graphic, the tag line "Branded products, if you want to sell." is included above the Daikokuya logo. This also uses "Tsukushi Old Mincho", but the font is easy to read without disturbing the logo.

--How was the reaction?

-Mr. Nakagawa

You were murmured quite a bit on SNS.

I don't think there was a competitor trying to get this position.

Other pawn shops are still cluttered, and with the flea market app, the image is "easy, easy, and cheap."

This time it was great to find a gap there.

For the issue of how to differentiate from other companies, The key is "goods", "formality", "appraisal power".

That is "The appearance of handling high brands" Was to express.

Introduction of Dentsu Nakagawa, Nagai and Sherpa Wakabayashi

Dentsu CDC Creative Director / Communication Planner Shinji Nakagawa Started his career as a copywriter and CM planner. Take integrated communication measures from web promotion to PR area. Responsible for beverage makers, food, artists (singer / band) communication, etc.
Junya Nagai Art Director, 1st CR Planning Bureau, Dentsu Inc. In charge of art direction for apparel, food, and smartphone game campaigns.
株式会社 シェルパ 代表 若林哲也氏 アートディレクター。 2009年に独立。 CI・VI開発をはじめとしたブランディング、広告企画・デザイン、WEBデザイン等を手がける。

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