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The legendary character "Space Pirate Captain Harlock" created by Reiji Matsumoto. The rebellious hero, who once captivated the hearts of boys and burned the souls of men, returns to the screen with a magnificent scale and overwhelming movie impact. This work is not just a remake, but a grand and more innovative reboot (reborn) while preserving the soul of the Matsumoto world. Published nationwide from Saturday, September 7, 2013.

Introduction of Marza Animation Planet

Marza Animation Planet HP

Marza Animation Planet was founded in June 2009 as SEGA SAMMY Group's 3DCG animation studio, starting from SEGA's 3DCG animation development department.

In addition to the production management system that has been cultivated for many years, 3DCG Video production technology such as R & D environment, and the original story development environment, we have built the highest peak 3DCG animation production platform in Japan. To take advantage of the technology and the environment, day Text by performing the story development with a reduction and a unique view of the world obtained by multiplying the global storytelling, is aimed at the animation studio to continue to manufacture and provide high-quality original 3DCG animation movie I am.

This time, he talked about the new world of dreams and adventures created by the company, including the production of the 3DCG animated movie "Captain Harlock".

History of production at Marza Animation Planet

Coordinator Noriaki Hashimoto

As a background to the production of "Captain Harlock", when the director of Toei Animation talked to Director Aramaki, the director himself spoke to us.

I've been working on several projects with the director for a long time, and I wanted to create a high-quality full CG animation work that can be matched with the world. Asked me to work. At the time of production, we did not have many real-life CG works as our achievements, but we received a request because we wanted to make a feature film.

So, first of all, I decided to make a pilot version "RITA" of about 3 minutes. I created "RITA" in 2009 before I started the production of the main part, but at this time, the scenario production for the main part was still in progress.

Since it is a reboot work that does not disturb the charm of the original and reflects the theme of modern society, in "RITA" it is not possible to make a difference in quality among staff by sharing the Video expression that they aim for among staff We also made sure that we could understand the technology and cost required for the production.

New cinema adopted for subtitle of pilot version "RITA"

Mr. Hiroaki Ueno, Art Director

When you created "RITA", you used "New Cinema" in the main story, which was a catalyst for you to consider and use Fontworks fonts. To be honest, there was a point where I thought a little lightly, "I don't know what fonts I bring, subtitles are subtitles."

However, even if I applied some of the candidate fonts and it didn't work, I decided to open a sample book of the typefaces that was in the company and select it. Then, by chance, the subtitle typeface "New Cinema" came to my attention. "Is this the typeface of the subtitles you often see in movies?" I realized that it is important to choose a typeface that suits your purpose.

The intention of this "RITA" was to solidify what would be the cornerstone of this work, so that it would proceed without blurring toward future production of the main part, so the characters would also be atari. Instead, I wanted to use a subtitle typeface as much as possible to create an atmosphere close to that of the main story. As a result, I think that the goal was decided, which led to the improvement of the quality of the Video itself, and I think that there was something in RITA that inspired me to make good things. ..

In this volume, since there are voice actors, there is no subtitle notation, but for the text at the beginning, the highly visible typeface "Rodin" is selected and used.

Even if the medium changes, the license is extremely reliable

Lead artist Toshiya Umeda

When I'm involved in a movie work, I usually think that the movie will be made into a DVD later, so I'll always take care to avoid problems with my rights as soon as possible. Also, this time, the original was so famous that it had many fans all over the world, so I was naturally sensitive to the license. Therefore, we decided to collect only those fonts for which the permission was clear before deciding where to use them, and select from the limited designs to use.

Among them, [LETS] allows all fonts to be used with the same licensed content, so I was able to choose from many designs with peace of mind. However, it is a world where rights are really complicated, so I remember that I contacted Fontworks each time to proceed.

Recently, the movie has been selected as a special invitation work at the Venice International Film Festival and has received many offers from distributors all over the world, so I am glad that we have exchanged it many times. Although there is a clear description of permission in the catalog, etc., it is difficult if there is something.
I will let you know that you cooperated with me in the end roll, as well as introducing Fontworks.

Also used for detailed notation such as texture

Mr. Hiroaki Ueno, Art Director

There is a tavern scene that appears at the beginning. This is the scene before the young man, Yama, before boarding the Arcadia. Actually, I use the font of Fontworks for the texture of each small bottle. It's so small that it's difficult to see it right after seeing it in the theater, but since it's made in full CG, we've made it into the smallest details.

However, we did not use digital fonts for all the characters that appear in the movie, and on the Arcadia ship, we made our own stencil-type fonts that are just right for the image, and there are also things that we made with our commitment. ..

I think it was a variation of the typeface of [LETS] that greatly covered such design commitments. I think that by making the fine details carefully, it has become more realistic.


It ’s like a very reliable staff

Director Shinji Aramaki

A wide variety of Japanese and Western designs are available, from orthodox typefaces to artistic fonts, so in this "Captain Harlock" from end rolls to posters in the play, billboards for advertising. I am using it in various ways.

Also, the simplicity of rights processing in Video works has always helped me a lot.
It's like a very reliable staff.
I look forward to working with you!

Shinji Aramaki
Born in 1960 in Fukuoka Prefecture. Mechanical designer and film director.
Major director works include "Captain Harlock", "APPLESEED" and "Exmakina". Japan's leading designer and director who continues to lead the full CG animation industry. As an animation designer, he also works on "Motor Genesis Mospida", "Megazone 23", "Mobile Suit Gundam MSIGLOO", "Fullmetal Alchemist", etc.

< Editor's note >
We were impressed by how many of our fonts are used in this movie that fans around the world see and the beauty of the Video. We are honored to be able to help you, even with a little effort.
I heard that you specified Aramaki's favorite font "Cezanne" for the end roll. In addition to "Rodin" used in the text at the beginning, I would like you to try searching for a font while experiencing the beauty of the Video the theater.

Company Info

Company name Marza Animation Planet Co., Ltd.
location 18th floor, Tennozu Yusen Building, 2-2-20 Higashishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-6381-0562
Fax 03-5461-3061
URL http://www.marza.com/

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