Annual flat-rate font service LETS



LETS (Leading Edge Type Solution) is an annual flat-rate desktop font distribution service.
You can use the world's high-quality fonts such as Fontworks Tsukushi typeface, Monotype, Iwata, Motoya, YOON, and Hosho through an annual subscription system.


  • I want to use fonts with a yearly license system without hesitation.

Main points of "LETS"

With an annual flat rate
Unlimited use of new fonts

You can use not only the fonts currently available, but also the newly released fonts. In addition, the contents of permission for each media are disclosed in an easy-to-understand format.

Up to 2 units can be connected at the same time

License form for each user. You can register as many PCs and install fonts as you like, and you can use up to two fonts at the same time per user.

Find the font,
Organize in a list

You can intuitively search for fonts with the extensive search function, and organize the fonts you care about in a list according to purpose. Activation can be managed on a list-by-list basis, and lists are synced between PCs.

Service lineup

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