Evangelion Official Font Matisse EB TrueType Version


Contains two types of font data, "EVA-Matisse-Classic" used in the TV series and "EVA-Matisse-Standard" used in the new movie version.


※End of sale. There are no plans for resale in the future.


  • I want to use the font of the TV anime "Neon Genesis Evangelion".
  • Production and of the same ⼈誌, the content of the video-sharing site Video, I want to ⽤ using the catchy typeface, such as the presentation data.

Main points of Matisse EB TrueType version

TV series and new movie version

"EVA-Matisse-Classic" used in the TV series and "EVA-Matisse-Standard" of the new movie version. Contains 2 types of font data.

With a booklet

Includes a "privilege booklet" that shows the 20-year history of Eva and Matisse walking together and continuing to evolve.

Can be used in various scenes

Content to the video-sharing site Video and, greeting cards, and presentation data in the business scene, such as the ⼈誌, you can active ⽤ in various scenes.


Disk containing font data (2 types)

  • TrueType font "EVA-Matisse-Classic" (TV series)
  • TrueType font "EVA-Matisse-Standard" (new movie version)
  • PDF such as "Characteristic comparison table" that compares classic and standard glyph design

Privilege booklet

The process from the encounter between “Neon Genesis Evangelion” and “Matisse EB” to its adoption, the response, the achievements that the typographic expression of “Neon Genesis Evangelion” brought to the animation industry, and the character design of “Matisse EB” A book that spells out special features.

Specifications summary

price 4,600 yen (excluding tax)
Sale April 13, 2020 * End of sale
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Terms of use

This product is a product that the customer has licensed for his or her normal personal use. Customer's normal personal purpose means non-commercial use such as printing on paper, using characters displayed as images on the Web or during games. Among them, individual design works and works are not considered to be for commercial use in order to sell them individually. If the design work or work is intended to be used by the law of a company (purchase, reuse, sublicense of the design), it is regarded as commercial use and these activities are performed. Cannot be used for.

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