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Hello. I'm Tao from Fontworks.

Today, we released a page on sustainability on Fontworks' corporate website and announced that Fontworks will support the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). This initiative is being promoted by Fontworks employees who have launched a project.

From now on, although it is irregular, I would like to post information on the blog about the efforts in line with the SDGs that are currently underway.

In the world, there is an initiative called SDGs aiming for a better world by 2030. This is to continuously solve 17 major goals and is being actively promoted in Japan as well.


"I want to create a daily life where everyone has a Styles

Fontworks has a policy aimed at such a future, but it is premised that there is a better world in order to realize that policy.

And in order to realize a better future, we need to support the achievement of the SDGs in this project.

The SDGs also pledge to "leave no one behind." Impressed by this, we will take advantage of Fontworks' strengths and hold conversations with project members many times to do what Fontworks can do, thinking about what we can do more than ever before.

All meetings held by members in Tokyo and Fukuoka are online. Over the months, we've had a lot of discussions.

As a first step, I would like to contribute to increasing awareness of the SDGs and achieving our goals through such information dissemination.

Please look forward to future information dissemination!

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