Another way born from dialogue


Hello! I'm Tao from the Customer Success Group!

This time we will talk about customers who have used LETS for 15 years.


In fact, our Customer Success Group is also providing guidance on license renewal.

One day, I was informed about the renewal of the contract because the license date was approaching to the customer. If you tell us that the license end date is approaching by phone,

"Can't you suspend the LETS contract because you will be suspended for various reasons?"

I had a consultation.

Since I can not rest even though I am distressed, when I came to the procedure of cancellation, I thought that I could do something for the consultation from the customer who used it for such a long time, and I used it to the extent that there is no problem I was able to hear about what was being done.


――What kind of purpose did you use the font for?

Customer : I often use it for publications.


-Is there a font that you used often?

Customer: Because it was perfect for the image Seurat Capie When Rodin You used to often. I didn't use much other than that, so if there is an inexpensive license service that selects only the necessary typefaces...


- "Mojimo" Do you know a reasonable service that includes carefully selected fonts such as?

Customer : I didn't know. I want you to tell me.


We would like to discuss with you the mojimo product concept, typefaces, etc., so that you can consider it.

From this point on, I was honestly glad that I was pleased not only by giving guidance that I could or could not do so, but also by suggesting another option.


After that, I received a nice postcard with a cute character from the customer. Furthermore, on the back of the postcard, I received such a handwritten message that warms my heart.

"Thank you for all the help." "Thank you."

Postcards received from customers ♪

Immediately, I decorated my desk with a postcard from a customer.

While watching this, I will continue to listen to our customers and provide useful information.


If you have something like Feedback Fontworks Support Center Please contact us.


PS: We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the customers who have kindly consented to our posting on this blog!

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Kazuki Tao

Customer in the font Works Support is responsible for. We aim to provide services that will please our customers! Please let us know what you think!

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