Kiyosumi Shirakawa's "TOKYO AOR BOOK FAIR" was also very exciting!


On Sunday, July 14, "TOKYO AA BOOK FAIR" was held at Little Tokyo in Kiyosumi Shirakawa, Tokyo.


This Event has been issued a free paper "Nice guy" Nice guy editorial department Sponsored by. Held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo from 7/12 (Fri) to 15 (Mon / holiday) "TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR" Unfortunately, it was a project planned by gathering creators who could not participate because they did not pass the selection.

What an interesting thing to think about!


However, Mamezo, unfortunately I thought that I could not participate in this Event on the day ... Font uncle Seems to have joined Event and took a picture and sent it! Thanks!

"Mojimo-manga" paper bag and typebook Fonts book will be presented!

For the Event outline of "TOKYO aa book fair" Here I hope you can see.

In fact, Fontworks Sponsor this Event I am allowed to Cute paper bag of "mojimo-manga" We were able to distribute the font works Fonts book of and Fontworks to all the participants.

It seems that there was a free tuk-tuk transfer between the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Contemporary Art and Little Tokyo venues.

Tuk-tuk is a Thai vehicle. I want to ride this!

And it seems that the venue was very lively! I wanted to eat green curry!

Photos taken by Uncle Font ... It is a paper bag of "mojimo-manga" and a Fonts book of Fontworks!

Needless to say that "TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR" was exciting, "TOKYO aa BOOK FAIR" held in Kiyosumi Shirakawa was also very exciting!


I hope all creators can use more fonts from Fontworks. As an option among them, mojimo series Is recommended because it is easy to use!

Creators who couldn't participate in "TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR" this time, may they participate next time (prayer)


See you later!

Photo = Font uncle

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