Pursuing and providing the value customers feel


Hello! I'm Tao from Fontworks Customer Success Group!

The Customer Success Group, to which I belong, provides guidance on renewing the contract that I talked about last time, from solving customer questions to providing support regarding usage.

In addition to that, we are considering and pursuing how we can make our customers feel the value of Fontworks products and services.

I would like to introduce some of them this time.

Aiming for better Products

How can you make your customers feel value?

It is possible to consider the opinions and consultations of our customers and make improvements. that is, Installation of chat Support that I talked about before And website improvements, App enhancements, etc.

You may think, “I think it's okay if you can handle it to that extent.” However, if you are satisfied with that, then you wonder if your customers will feel value in a passive manner.

"We want to be more willing to work with us and feel better!"

From that thought, I came to the following idea.

Very few customers have Contact Us for Fontworks, and in reality, more customers feel that they have questions and want us to improve Fontworks Products. You don't understand? When.

By strengthening our efforts focused on that, we thought that it would be a better service.

Knowing voices you have not yet seen

How can I get to know your unseen opinions and requests?

I thought that would be what the customer would see.

From the perspective of the customer, we set the kind of customer in detail, and while experiencing the Products Fontworks, we are the ones who actually experience and think about what Is to experience.


What do our customers experience in our Customer Success Group? What do you think about? I wrote about as much as possible and experienced it.

As a result, it became clear that we were unaware of what our customers were asking.

To a new road like never before

Although it is a part, there are also some contents that I do not hear in normal inquiries.

"I want to know the basic usage of the App"

"There are surprisingly many unknown fonts, and I'm worried that I can master them."

"I don't know where to contact for inquiries."


I feel once again that the contents we are aware of are really only a small part, but at present, although little by little, we are working to make it easier to understand the questions and improvements that have arisen.

This time, as one of the initiatives born from that, we have prepared a useful guide about the App of "LETS".

For customers who are considering joining "LETS" and who are using "LETS", not only will it be easier to imagine how to install the fonts, but we will also introduce what you can do. There may be new discoveries.

I hope you will find it useful.


We will continue to make efforts in this way to make you feel even more valuable, so if you have any doubts, please feel free to contact the Fontworks Support Center.

We are waiting ♪

The person who wrote this article

Kazuki Tao

Customer in the font Works Support is responsible for. We aim to provide services that will please our customers! Please let us know what you think!

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