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Aichi School of Design and Design is Nagoya's long-standing design vocational school. “To be aware of the mission and responsibility of a final educational institution toward society, and to cultivate the qualities as“ people loved by others ”,“ trusted people ”and“ respected people ”and a healthy mood From the perspective of the founding spirit of "implementing human education that maintains a good social and life view," we have incorporated industry-academia collaboration projects that collaborate with regions, companies, and society, and classes that emphasize competition.

In that class, you will be able to experience the flow of professional work from meeting with the client, planning, proposal, and production, and acquire the ability to practice.

Furthermore, among them, the excellent Advertisement design and display works are actually adopted in Advertisement media and showrooms, which makes students happy and confident and leads to a great leap thereafter.

This time, we talked to students before they went into society as designers about the role of fonts in design, with teachers Ebi and Yada who are Support the development of talent.

Reason for introducing LETS

Teacher Shrimp Shushin

I introduced LETS because I had the feeling that I had to do something about the fonts when I had to replace the new PC model a few years ago. Until then, I purchased and used fonts in commercially available inexpensive Packaging, but I was not satisfied with the quality of the typeface. Therefore, I decided to search for fonts on the condition that the basic typefaces [Gothic] and [Mincho] are beautiful.

I thought that it would be better for students to have more typeface choices, and after considering several font license products, I chose Fontworks LETS because of its typeface quality and cost performance. Since then, we have increased the number of vehicles required each year.

Type selection and design for students

Teacher Yumi Takazumi

One of the lessons is a curriculum that teaches the process of first creating a design on paper and finally creating it digitally. When I was just starting to study design, I was drawing a lot of different typefaces at the time of handwriting, but when I actually started working digitally, I started using MS Mincho or MS Gothic. I have a LETS font installed, which is close to 200 fonts, but I'm a little strange. (Lol)

After a few more months, I want to use a catchy typeface. For example, I use a typeface that has an impact, such as [Reggae]. Some students even use catch typefaces, even for long sentences.

It may be about half a year before the awareness of typefaces began to rise. Gradually, I began to think about various concepts such as typefaces that are easy to read, and typefaces that make the design itself tighter, and finally, the basic typefaces such as [Gothic] and [Mincho] ]] Interestingly, this rule applies to most students. Through repeated trial and error, it seems that students can understand which typeface is suitable for the image of the work. Looking at the tendencies of the finished work, I choose and use a clean and smart typeface. I think that [Rodin] is particularly popular. (Mr. shrimp)

Role of fonts taught in class

As you study design, you will definitely understand how important font selection and character composition are related to visuals. With regard to visuals, it is clearly visible that the students themselves are absorbing more and more and improving, even if left alone. On the other hand, it seems that it will not work unless you teach how to handle letters. I think it's important to teach students how to handle and assemble such characters by grasping the characteristics of the typeface and arranging them in the appropriate places.

For example, my favorite is RodinNTLG. I think that this typeface is crisp and fit because the top and bottom are perfectly aligned. And above all, it resembles the letters I write. That's why I like the way the splashes and brushes are carried very much. When I use this typeface, I am using it in a slightly different way. In [RodinNTLG], the small "tsu" is made relatively large, so the point is slightly lowered by that character. Readability is improved by doing this.

By giving a lot of advice even for such small things, the images of the graphic and the typeface will be united in their heads, and the work will be more appealing. For that reason, I strongly teach that "whether the visual is saved or killed depends on the character!!!".

Perhaps because of that, in a class one day, I made a title image of a certain famous anime with [Matisse] and when I showed it to the students, I said "Oh, Eva (Neon Genesis Evangelion / (c) GAINAX)!" There was something to show. I think students feel the atmosphere and image created by the combination of typeface and layout. Since LETS has a large number of typefaces, I think that you can choose the typeface that suits the atmosphere and image of the work, think about how to assemble letters, and express the image you feel with various combinations. Isn't that meaningful for students? (Mr. Yada)

Feedback to Fontworks

I am satisfied with the number of released typefaces and the quality. Especially for [Rodin] and others, I feel that the design is pure. I think that new typefaces will be released in the future, but because it is a design school, I would like to emphasize basic typefaces rather than individuality typefaces.

One of my requests is how to install a typeface. Since there are many LETS contracts, it is difficult to install all new typefaces on every PC every year. I hope it will be easier to install.
< Editor's note >
At Aichi School of Design and Design, industry-university collaborative lessons are being practiced as a curriculum for developing human resources. At the entrance gallery, I saw the students who were actually hired among the works produced by the request of companies and organizations. There were many works full of freshness, such as how to choose colors and typefaces, and I was surprised at the high degree of completion. On the other hand, I also felt that there are many typefaces that have not been used yet. All typefaces have a clear design concept, so as a font maker, we will continue to provide better services and information that will be useful for studying design work, including font information.
Thank you for your cooperation in the interview despite your busy schedule. Thank you for your continued support. (Muta)

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