You can choose even more characters from your iPad! (IPhone too!)


Fukushima is where I often use PCs to make leaflets and catalogs.

Suddenly, are you a PC person when you do creative activities? Are you a tablet?

Font service that can be used "free" on iPad/iPhone

This time, I used iPad to process photos, create documents, and create manga, illustrations, and Video works.
At that time, we will introduce a must-see service (and free) for those who think that "I would like to use more characters"!

That is "mojimo-select for iPad β version".
You can select two favorite fonts from a wide variety of fonts on your iPad/iPhone and use them to create works and materials!
Besides! The two fonts you have chosen are free to use! !

I actually tried using it!

So I think I'll put the font in my personal cell phone and make presentation data!

By the way, the apps that can be used have been verified by Fontworks,
There are Adobe Premiere Rush / CLIP ST Universal Design IO PAINT / Microsoft office products,
I want to use it with keynote this time!

1. First, apply (you can do it from the page of mojimo-select for iPad β version).
Temporary registration → Main registration → Select service "mojimo-select for iPad β version" → Follow the mail sent from Fontworks

mojimo-select for iPad β version page
mojimo-select for iPad Beta version application button
First, perform temporary registration and then main registration. Information will be sent to the registration email.
Select "mojimo-select for iPad β version" on the application page
You will receive a guide to start using the service. Please proceed according to the content of the email.
Log in by entering the mojimo ID described in the email and the password you set.

2. Font selection
You can select "2 typefaces" from "82 typefaces" provided by mojimo. I say it many times, but it's "free."
I made it my favorite "Tsukushi Antique S Mincho L" and "Rowdy" used in that game!

Font selection screen. Select 2 fonts from 82 fonts.
Here are the two selected fonts.

3. Install the 2 fonts you have selected.
If you follow the instructions on the screen, you can install it easily!

Install it.
It will be installed as a profile version. Install from the setting screen.

4. Then use the font immediately.
I tried using it with keynote, but changing the font is easy.
It is usually displayed in the font selection area of keynote, so all you have to do is select it.

When the installation is complete, it will be automatically displayed in the font selection menu.
Adjust the font size, reselect the font,...
Tsukushi Antique S Mincho L

5. Completion!
It was amazingly easy to change the font!

Know the joy of choosing. What is "mojimo-select for iPad β version"? ?

Traditional font services, for example, have no choice but to choose from fonts that are already in the tool or device,
There was only a way to contract with the already decided typeface.

However, with the iPad-only plan that appears from "mojimo," you can select two favorite fonts from a wide variety and use them for making works and materials!
Yes, I want you to know the "joy of choosing"! ! You may find it difficult to choose 2 fonts from 82 fonts.
However, when you choose, you can select it while looking at Fonts, so you can intuitively choose the font you want to use!

We would like to let many people try and try it out, so we will deliver the beta version for free this time, so please feel free to try it out!

Then, share what you made with the hash tag"#mojimoiPad",
Please feel free to tweet what you liked and what you wanted.
As a font service for everyday wear that we grow together with the manufacturer, while receiving your feedback,
We would like to improve the product better.

While the self-restraining life continues under the influence of the new Corona, why don't you just add the color of font to your usual creative activities? ?

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