[Tsukushi Shinsho] The old and new innovative "Tsukushi AM Gothic" is finally here


5 years from development. "Tsukushi AM Gothic" is finally available from the "Tsukushi typeface series", which is the Fontworks flagship font.
Type Designers Shigenobu Fujita published the production process on his Twitter account, and at times, he brushed up the design with reference to the comments he received.
"old and new". Please pay attention to the unprecedented Kaku Gothic "Tsukushi AM Gothic".

Typeface description

"Tsukushi AM Gothic" is a square Gothic typeface with an antique skeleton and designed with clean and modern elements.
It draws a line between the old angular Gothic typeface that has followed the flow of metal type and the modern angular Gothic typeface in recent years. It is an innovative style of calligraphy that “brings a feeling of fresh air” to the text and sentences.

Development background

An "old and new" emotional typeface that has been brushed up from SNS communication

"Tsukushi AM Gothic" will all start from the "Tsukushi typeface roundtable" in May 2017.
This round-table discussion was attended by multiple creators and book design designers. Among them, there was a question to Shigenobu Fujita, a Type Designers of Fontworks, "Why isn't there a Japanese Gothic typeface that matches Futura®?" Inspired by the question, Fujita immediately created a prototype and posted it on SNS. It has become a big topic.

About five years have passed since then, and "Tsukushi AM Gothic" has finally been completed.

The characters themselves have a geometrical impression, but the skeleton is "old" and somewhat "emotional". Fujita calls this "old and new."
"Tsukushi AM Gothic", which has a charm not found in other Kaku Gothic fonts, may become a News in the future.

"Tsukushi AM Gothic" can be used in "Fontworks LETS" and "Fontworks LETS for students" developed by Fontworks.

Opened a special website to “feel the characters with your eyes and ears”

To commemorate the release of the typeface, we have opened a special site where you can learn more about the charm of "Tsukushi AM Gothic". This is a new type of content where you can feel the characters visually and aurally.
An interview with Fujita is also posted on the site. We deliver the charm of Tsukushi AM Gothic.

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