Gentle, cute and retro. The Ming Dynasty "Maru Ming Dynasty" made with a circle appears in mojimo!


Fontworks' select font service "mojimo" contains 7 types of "Maru-Mincho type family" produced by Kinuta typeface "Mojimo-marumin" Are offered.


Gentle, cute, retro, orthodox and modern. Design that has the spirit of analog though it is digital.

Since its release in 2001, it has been used and loved for a long time, from paper media such as posters and Advertisement to magazines, to digital contents such as TVCF, programs, and the Web.

It is a unique typeface that gives a warm impression and nostalgia to the viewer while giving a soft impression by using circles for the elements even though it is a Mincho typeface, and the movement of the brush is emphasized.

What is Maru Mincho

Designs that use circles for the elements that make up the characters

"Marumei Old" is a typeface that demonstrates that there is a Categories called "Maru-Mincho" in Mincho-type as well as Gothic. Especially since many circles are used for kanji, I enlarged them to show where the circles are. Vertical lines, horizontal lines, dots, tomes, splashes, halves, etc. all have rounded tips. A kanji that emphasizes straight lines, kana that emphasizes the movement of the brush, and a shape that does not stick to the square space. However, it is a typeface with strange readability that is easy to read when it comes to sentences.

Soseki Natsume's "My Haneko Dale" comparison of the first edition book and the Maruaki Old typesetting book

"Maru-Minchotai" is a typeface created based on an overprinted version of the first edition of Soseki Natsume's "My Haneko Dale".

The characteristic of "Maru Mincho type" is the carrying of the kana brush. In addition, the square shape of the printing surface keeps the shape free and the traditional brush shape gives you a sense of timelessness.

On the other hand, the kanji and kana appear to be scattered when they are assembled into a sentence, but that does not give the impression that it is difficult to read, and rather, when you start reading, you can read it more comfortably than it looks.

Soseki Natsume "My Haneko Dale" Reprint First Edition
Maruaki old typesetting

Characteristics of Maru Mincho type family

Case study

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