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Japan License Bank Co., Ltd. is a company that manages "Recurrent", a school specializing in design and qualification as a school where "love" works.

Under the basic stance of fostering true professional human resources by educating "people", learning for a variety of educational needs that cannot be covered by school education, targeting adults and university students. Are offered the opportunity. The 26th anniversary of its founding, a thorough curriculum of "Recurrent" that has been cultivated for a long time from the history of DTP, has the best employment record in the industry and the most difficult qualification test "DTP expert certification test" in the DTP industry sponsored by JAGAT. As seen in the high passing rate, the class contents, seminars for self-development, and original teaching materials are devised.

This time, we asked Mr. Saito, the leader of the specialized school "Recurrent", Mr. Tajima, the assistant director, and Mr. Ei, the school counselor, about the "DTP classroom environment and design", and the user visit activities conducted by Fontworks. , You also talked about the seminar you requested.

DTP classroom environment for students

Assistant Director Hiroko Tajima

"Recurrent" with a variety of courses as a professional school of design, qualification, various life of students Styles in order to cope with, has become to be able to choose, such as duration and time of day of classes. Most of the students are design inexperienced people such as those who once got a job and want to work what they like, university students who want to acquire skills that suit their practical use and play an active role. Therefore, in the DTP / Graphics course, we think that the wide font lineup of LETS, the attitude of new typeface release that incorporates user's request, and the quick response are good for students, so we have introduced Fontworks LETS. ..

The typeface to be installed is selected by the instructor's meeting in consideration of the machine environment, but the standard typeface that is indispensable for designing has a unified environment so that it can be used on all classroom machines. It is being maintained. This is because we would like to support students' dreams as much as possible by providing meaningful self-study time and environment even in their free time. (Mr. Tajima and Mr. Ei)

Lecturer is an active professional designer with experience

Leader Lecturer Mr. Satoshi Saito

I am in charge of a wide range of classes, from how to use App are the basis of design, to measures for qualifications that are applied, and e-book courses that have become a hot topic in recent years. In every course, the handling of letters becomes important, and we teach the handling of fonts and the rules of typesetting as part of the design so that we do not have any problems in practice.

At the beginning, many students think that it is design that expresses different things from other people. It seems that it is still difficult to select a typeface depending on the situation, such as when you need a catch type typeface that has an impact and is easy to see, or when you want to put weight on the written information with a standard typeface. Most of the students are new to the industry, so it's no wonder that there weren't many opportunities to interact with the characters. Therefore, regarding fonts, not only on the machine but by printing out and comparing them side by side, I teach the subtle differences of standard typefaces.

Most of the students are growing up in the digital generation, and I'm used to receiving the information I want immediately, so I think this kind of work is perfect for giving me the ability to judge myself. .. Also, if you get a chance to grasp the features and usage of the typeface, you will be more and more interested in the typesetting, and you will be able to put your thoughts into visual form. (Mr. Saito)

Enhancing students' motivation at a font maker seminar

School counselor Hideo Ei

The seminars we request are for recurrent students and graduates. Those with little design experience think that elements such as Mincho and Gothic are rarely noticed. Therefore, I hope that it will be an opportunity to focus on the standard typeface rather than the typeface designed so that each difference is easy to understand.

In addition, since it is said that you can introduce Usage, I hope that you will learn the importance of using different fonts for designs that appeal as designs and designs that make it easier to convey information. I think that it will be a very valuable time to raise motivation because the manufacturer will directly talk about the role and importance of letters. (Mr. Saito)

I think that the depth of the font was transmitted

[Attractiveness of fonts] Seminar

The last time I visited, I thought that there might be a seminar about Fontworks-san, so I asked for it and the event started. I was able to request the contents of the seminar, and I was able to smoothly carry out announcements and materials necessary for the seminar by telephone and email.

I think that fonts were used casually in everyday classes, but I think that the depth was conveyed because it was a seminar that introduced Usage. It was also a very enjoyable and meaningful time for our staff. Thank you! If I have the opportunity, I think that I may have become more interested in font makers as well as design companies and printing companies, so I would like to ask you in detail about the font creation process. (Mr. Tajima)

Fontworks x Recurrent [Characteristics of the font] Seminar impressions

Student work (remake)

  • I was very interested in how the appearance changed greatly depending on the font type and Weight.

  • I like the Chikushi typeface, so I'm glad to hear about the unique elements.

  • I wanted to hear more examples of fonts created at the request of companies.

  • I was surprised at how different the impression is because of the layout that changed the size and weight of the typeface.

  • It was nice to be able to learn about the birth of DTP and the transition of App while following the order.

  • I thought that it had a weight and depth that left a memory in people's hearts depending on how they were designed.

< Editor's note >
This time, we received your impressions about the visit activities and seminars that our Support team is doing as one of the services of Fontworks LETS. In addition to the concept of typeface design conducted at the seminar and the commitment of font makers, the introduction of typefaces used in famous productions and popular books has been evaluated as being motivated by recurrent students, and information will be disseminated in the future. I felt that I had to focus on

At Fontworks, we would like to do our best to Support LETS by phone and email, as well as visits to install fonts, explain Power Up Tool Kit, and other requests. Since then, we have established a Support team and are actively engaged.

Company Info

Company name Recurrent (Japan License Bank, Ltd.)
location 3-1-13 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Keio Shinjuku Oiwake Building 4F
TEL 03-5368-3883

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