GB18030 font (embedded font for the People's Republic of China)


We provide fonts that comply with the GB standard, which is China's national standard. GB18030-2022 is a mandatory national standard issued by the China Market Supervision Administration (Standards Commission) on August 1, 2023. It is considered the most important basic standard in the field of Chinese information technology, and a unified code has been set for Chinese characters and many ethnic minority characters (in China).


  • Companies that offer products or services that are exported or sold to China
  • Companies that are considering developing products and services for China

Main points of GB18030 font

Reliable global brand font

We use fonts from Beijing Beidafangzheng Electronics Co., Ltd., which has the largest market share among Chinese font foundries, and Monotype in the United States. You can use us with confidence as an authorized agent.

Variety of fonts including black body

We have a wide range of lineups and variations, including Fangzheng Lanting Black, Yukoku, Calligraphy, Kai, and M Ying Hei.

Character Sets corresponds to the latest national standard GB18030-2022

Compatible with the new standard GB18030-2022 that came into effect from August 1, 2023. You can use it with confidence as it has been certified by the Chinese authorities.

GB18030-2022 overview

GB standards are national standards approved and publicly announced by China's national standards organization, and their official name is "China National Standards."
When producing, selling, or exporting products and services in the Chinese market, it is necessary to use fonts that comply with this GB standard.
Regarding fonts in the GB (National Standards of China) standard, the People's Republic of China National Standard GB18030-2022 has been established and adopted, and all character display and output devices in the People's Republic of China are required to adopt this standard. I am.
As a result, if you want to install Simplified Chinese fonts on an electronic device that has a network function and also imports and uses external data, you must use the GB18030 Character Sets regardless of whether it is a bitmap font or an outline font.

Applicable products of GB18030-2022

No Target product Main products
1 Software product with kanji information processing function OS, kanji database, character processing, voice processing, text editing, etc.
2 Hardware products with character information processing functions A PC, printer, e-book reader, etc. with the above software installed
3 digital publications Digital teaching materials, books, newspapers, games, and written works published in network format
4 digital media Internet media including public information and SNS
5 Information technology products in which language characters have undergone information processing or content editing Various App software, etc.
6 Applications in industries that have a need for kanji information processing Family registration, finance, transportation, medical care, education, water supply, electricity, and other public services, etc.


GB18030-2022 establishes three levels that must be met during implementation. Please check the applicable products and services below.

level Products subject to compulsion
1 Products with all Chinese information processing and exchange functions
2 System software and Support software such as OS, database management system, etc.
3 Information technology products and informatization systems for government services and public services

Product Summary

Product name GB18030 font (embedded font for the People's Republic of China)
Product price Contact Us us
Number of typefaces 33 typefaces
Font format OpenType font / TrueType font
Character Sets GB18030
Use Incorporation into hardware/software
  • For the People's Republic of China, refers to mainland China.
  • The format provided differs depending on each font manufacturer, so please check All Fonts PDF for details.
  • Hosei has obtained certificates from accredited institutions.

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