Joachim Müller-Lancé

typeface design director


Originally from Germany. Studied graphic design at the Basel School of Design in Switzerland and received high acclaim, including winning typography competitions in various countries, including Japan.

He has taught in schools in several countries around the world and has contributed articles and works on graphic design and typography to publications. In addition, he is in charge of information design and VI (visual identity) for several overseas companies.

In 2018, he worked as a European design director for font maker YOON Design in Seoul.

From 2020, he joined Fontworks and became the current typeface director for European typefaces.

Production font


I want to create easy-to-use typefaces that convey innovation and freshness, and fun typefaces that are experimental and surprising.
I wish to make useful typefaces communicating innovation and freshness, and entertaining typefaces with a feeling of experiment and surprise.