Yutaka Sato

Type Designers (external)


Born in Sumida Ward, Tokyo in 1951
1986 1st prize at the 9th Ishii Prize creation typeface contest
1987 Second Morisawa International Typeface Contest European Section 2nd
1996 5th Morisawa International Typeface Contest Japanese Prize Gold Prize
So far, he has created typefaces such as Labogo, Hail, Anito, Elegan, and Capy, Happy, Sumito, Naughty, Nitarago (NTLG / TypeLab N), Ruika, September.

有限会社タイプラボ 社長

Representative font

Production font


The side that uses the typeface and the side that sees it. We are creating a typeface with a clear design that can be accepted by both.