Hanyi Keyin


Born in the United States in 1974 and raised in Taiwan.
Joined Microsoft headquarters in the United States in 1999, responsible for the user experience of Office for Mac / iPad / iPhone and the development of Word for Mac / iPad / iPhone.
He is currently the Executive Creative Director of frog Design.
Finalist of Morisawa Type Design Competition 2016 for "Shingyo Reishotai", won the 2017 New York TDC 63 Award, and won the 2018 Tokyo TDC Type Design Competition.

Production font


The goal of the "Qing dynasty" is "a renewal project to Shingyo Reishotai One of the things that made me move to produce this typeface was the sense of mission to restore the lost Clerical script of the Qing dynasty to the present day.

The characteristics of "Shingyo Reishotai" are that the writing power is soft, the crucifixion (swell of the horizontal painting) is powerful, and you can feel the gorgeous writing in a gentle calligraphy style. Hiragana and katakana are also naturally integrated based on the writing of kanji.

Not only during the Qing dynasty of China, but also from the Meiji era, the clerical script graced the dawn of modern Japan. Clerical script is still a familiar and familiar typeface on a daily basis. Clerical script is the typeface found in newspapers, books, magazines, billboards, promotions, posters, New Year's cards, and any other typeface that is conscious of preserving tradition. It can be used for a wide range of purposes, not bound by the framework of ancient Shingyo Reishotai" is a typeface with a new sense.


Although it is the first release of "FOT-Shingyo Reishotai Clerical Script Std R", there are two variations ("FOT-Shingyo Reishotai Clerical Script_Traditional Std R" and "FOT-Shingyo Reishotai R ") is currently underway. We hope you enjoy all the Shingyo Reishotai