Institute Vibrio Styles sponsored online Event in the "CSS typesetting Vivliostyle users and developers of the gathering 2020 autumn" is our length Suzuki podium


2020 October 24 (Saturday), Institute Vibrio Styles online sponsored Event to "CSS typesetting Vivliostyle users and developers of the gathering 2020 autumn", Suzuki length of font Works belongs to you on stage.

Event summary

Vivliostyle is an open source project that uses the latest web standards to create new typesetting systems for electronic and web publishing. We will hold a Event to understand the present and future.

Our company Suzuki, entitled "Unknown CSS for Better Typography" in Part 3 "The World of Spreading CSS Typesetting", is an effective but lesser-known CSS for improving the readability of texts. I will talk about the technique.

Recommended people like this>

  • Graphic designers and creators who want to study typography
  • Those who are interested in web production
  • Those who want to design efficiently and beautifully
  • Web front end developer
Event name CSS Typesetting Vivliostyle User and Developer Gathering Fall 2020
Date and time Saturday, October 24, 2020 13: 00-17: 00
format Online delivery
Capacity 100 (first-come-first-served basis)
Entry fee free
Organizer Institute Vibrio Styles
Application/ Contact Us You need to apply from connpass.

Speaker Profile

Suzuki length (take Suzuki)

Web developer, typography researcher. Belongs to Fontworks Inc. While involved in the design and implementation of websites, he also actively writes and lectures on the web and typography, such as "Basic knowledge and practice of web typography" and "Music, mathematics, and typography".​ ​Translated "Web Typography" (published by Bourne Digital) released at the end of June 2020.

Twitter: @terkel