FONTPLUS DAY Seminar Vol. 37 "Tsukushi Typeface Symposium — FONTPLUS 10th Anniversary Roundtable Discussion Special by Mr. Shigenobu Fujita —" Shigenobu Fujita will appear (held on 7/21)


7/21(水)開催のFONTPLUS DAYセミナー Vol. 37『筑紫書体シンポジウム - FONTPLUS 10周年記念 藤田重信さん座談会スペシャル - 』に、書体デザイナー藤田が出演します。




Event name 筑紫書体シンポジウム
— FONTPLUS 10周年記念 藤田重信さん座談会スペシャル —
Date and time 2021年7月21日水曜 19:00 - 21:00
(※ 18:40頃から前振りトークを開始します。)
※セミナー終了後30分間、BGMのみ流しながらライブ放送を続けます。Facebook Liveのみを予定しています。録画再放送はありません。
Capacity 300名
Entry fee free
Pre-registration Required (first come, first served) Click here for details on how to apply
Organizer SB Technology Co., Ltd.
AZM Design
Cooperation CSS Nite
Bau-ya by AZM Design


19:00- Opening (10 minutes)
19:10- 第1部(60分) 筑紫書体の過去・現在・未来
20:10- Break (10 minutes)
20:20- 第2部(30分) 視聴者からの質問箱
20:50- Ending (10 minutes)
21:00 Online seminar ends

Performer information

Shigenobu Fujita

Born in Fukuoka Prefecture. In 1975, he joined the Shaken character design department of a phototypesetting machine, and joined Fontworks in 1998 to develop Chikushi typeface and many other typefaces. Received the 2010 Tokyo TDC Award for "Tsukushi Old Mincho" and "Tsukushimaru Gothic". Appeared in NHK "Professional work style" in 2016 In addition, "Fontworks Universal Design font" won the IA Universal Design Award 2016 Silver Award. "Tsukushi Old Gothic-B" "Tsukushi Antique Gothic -B" "Tsukushi Antique Mincho -L" "Tsukushi Q Mincho -L" "Tsukushi A Vintage Mincho -R" "Tsukushi B Vintage Mincho -R" [ Received the Tokyo TDC Award 2018 Type Design Award.

Hiroyuki Sekiguchi

Born in 1960. Born in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture. At present, he is widely known as a evangelist "Font Uncle" who is active as a web font evangelist at SB Technology Co., Ltd. and who conveys the fun of fonts throughout Japan.

Web staff Forum, My Navi IT Search+, MdN Design Interactive, Shoeisha CreatorZine, Nikkan Digital Creators, Schoo (Scoo) and other online media, as well as specialized articles such as print magazines and information processing, contribute articles and instructors Many appearances. Awarded “Best 10 Session” and “Best Character” at CSS Nite Best Session 2017. Awarded “10 Best Sessions” in 2018 and 2019. Presides over the "FONTPLUS DAY Seminar" on the theme of fonts and design.

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