[Hosho LETS] Added a total of 25 fonts, including 24 fonts for 3 families and "Hosho Kanmotai Simplified"

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In the annual flat-rate font service "Hosei LETS", a total of 25 fonts, 24 typefaces of 3 families of "Hosei Chuyi Song", "Hosei Yuhakutai" and "Hosei Soshutai" and "Hosei Kanmotai", will be available in January 2022. Available from 27th (Thursday).

Members under contract for Hosho LETS for both <new LETS> and <current LETS> can use these fonts at no additional cost.

Fangzheng Loyalty Song

In the drama "Bao Qing Tian", whose main character is a famous judge who is loved in the Chinese region, Fang Zheng Zhongyi was inspired by the official cap worn by the main character, Bao Qing Tian.
It is an improved stately Song script, with a very stable structure, neat glyphs, and a solemn sense of loyalty.
The Fangzheng Loyalty Song Series consists of 8 different weights and is ideal for equities, finance, bank securities, insurance and investment funds. It is also recommended for Advertisement of health products, sports equipment, etc.

square fabric

Inspired by the clothing of the flying figures in Dunhuang murals, Hozheng textile body.
The sight of the costumes drifting in the wind and the colorful sashes dancing high in the air can be said to be a fusion of traditional Chinese culture and the art of flying heaven. Only the horizontal lines are straight, and the others are designed in a moving arc shape.It is a modern typeface with a lively and lively style and a sophisticated style.
The Hozheng Textile family consists of 8 weights and is especially recommended for trendy apparel and jewelry, or sportswear branding and Packaging design.

square body

Composed of irregularly jumping brush strokes, Hosei Soju-tai expresses the loveliness of innocent children and the unfettered, free-spirited activity.
The Hosei Sojutai family consists of 8 weights, and is especially recommended for Advertisement and Packaging design for instant foods, toys, and comics.

Fang Zheng Moe body

Hosei Kanmotai is a handwritten typeface with a unique texture.
Inheriting the characteristics of left high right low (left high and right low), left rough right thin (left rough and right fine) design, through the rational combination of line Weight and square circles, It presents a balanced composition. It is characterized by its lively and cuteness, and is recommended for product Packaging and Video works, especially for children's products, variety shows, and hobby products.

Provided typeface

Fangzheng Loyalty Song Brief Medium
Honesty Song Simple Light
Hosei Loyalty Song Simple Heavy
Honesty Song Simple ExtraLight
Hosho Loyalty Song Simple ExtraBold
Hosei Loyalty Song Brief DemiBold
Fang loyalty song simple
Square fabric simple Medium
Square fabric Simple Light
Simple Heavy
Square Cloth Body Simple ExtraLight
Square woven body Simple ExtraBold
Simple DemiBold
Simple Bold
square fabric simple
Simple Medium
Simple Light
Hosho Souhoutai Simplified Heavy
Hosho Souhou Simplified ExtraLight
Hosho Souhou Simplified ExtraBold
Simple DemiBold
Simple Bold
simple style
Fang Zhen Moe body simple