Information on the launch of "mojimo-retro future"

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A somewhat nostalgic yet new “mojimo-retro future” appears

To commemorate the 4th anniversary of the select font service “mojimo”, we will be offering new packs for 3 consecutive months from January 2022.
As the second step, from Tuesday, February 22, we started offering "mojimo-retro future", which contains mojimo's first 14 European fonts and 4 Japanese fonts.

About mojimo-retro future

"mojimo-retro future" is a pack that includes 14 European fonts, the first of mojimo, and 4 Japanese fonts, including "Gospel", which has been requested by many users to be included in mojimo. We have packed in a romantic and unique font that combines the two elements of "somewhat nostalgic yet new".
It is possible not only to create cartoons and videos, but also to embed it in game engines. It can be expressed in a wide range of uses.

About Fontworks original European fonts

The European Fontworks Inc. recorded this time are the typefaces created by Joachim Muller-Ransei from Germany, who has been highly acclaimed for his typography and graphic design around the world. increase.

Pop and unique typefaces can be used not only in printed materials and electronic content, but also in games and videos to create a world full of originality.

Product Summary

Product name mojimo-retro future
Service start date Tuesday, February 22, 2022
price 2,200 yen (tax included) *Annual license fee
Number of fonts provided 18 fonts (4 Japanese fonts, 14 European fonts)

[4 Japanese fonts]
・Nana Std L
・ Comet Std B
・Gospel Std EB
・ Rampart Std EB

[14 European fonts]
・Monodular-Square Regular
・Monodular-Square Bold
・Monodular-Round Regular
・Monodular-Round Bold
Content of permission Commercial use for printed materials, electronic content, video sharing services such as YouTube, and embedding in games
How to provide Up to 1 license per person (for individual customers only). Offered as a subscription

Mojimo 4th Anniversary 3 Months Consecutive Pack Offering

In commemoration of the 4th anniversary of the release of "mojimo", we plan to provide a new pack in crowdfunding format in March 2022.