2022 New typeface release schedule information


We will provide it with "New LETS",New typeface to be released in 2022We will inform you about

March 23rd [Fontworks LETS]
・ Tsukushi AM Gothic L/S [std]

・ Tsukushi A Vintage MinchoL /S [Pr6/Pr6N] * Character Sets expansion
・ Tsukushi B Vintage MinchoL /S [Pr6/Pr6N] * Character Sets expansion
・Tsukushi C Vintage Ming L/S [Pr6/Pr6N] * Character Sets expansion
Spring [MonotypeLETS]
・Shorai™ Sans
after spring [Fontworks LETS]
・The first European version (name undecided)
・ Haruna garbage
・ Catch typeface (name undecided)

*Because all pre-release typefaces are under development, the timing of provision and typeface names are subject to change. Please note.
* The provision of new typefaces in “Current LETS” will end with the typeface released on Wednesday, March 23, 2022.
* From April 2022, the new typeface will be provided from "New LETS".