Information on the launch of "mojimo-Experience"

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Experience using letters for everyone

To commemorate the 4th anniversary of the select font service “mojimo”, we will be offering new packs for 3 consecutive months from January 2022.

As the third installment to decorate the last, from March 31 (Thursday), a limited pack of collaboration stationery and select font service “mojimo” with foil stamping shop “Cosmotech Co., Ltd.” will be provided in crowdfunding format. Did.
In addition, this measure is the first step of the challenge measure "mojimo-Experience", which provides a place to "experience and feel" for those who have never had the opportunity to touch fonts, and to "feel" the goodness of the service. becomes.

Stationery studded with tricks to enjoy "letters".

When reading novels, magazines, web News articles or blogs, have you ever looked at the shape of letters?
The characters (Type Designers) that we usually see are not only made to be easy to read, but also the world view of the text and the situation in which they are used. So to speak, "unsung hero". It is an indispensable existence in daily life.

letters and...
"Write more freely"
"Communicate more freely"
"Feel more comfortable"
… and so on, the possibilities of [characters = fonts] are endless. By holding it in your hands, you can make your work more individual, and it will be easier to convey to the other person... your creativity will grow stronger and stronger. Characters will continue to evolve for as long as you wish. At Fontworks, we believe that such possibilities are the charm of characters.

In this crowdfunding, we have put such "charm of letters" into stationery that you will usually pick up. I would like everyone to “experience” the fun and charm of letters by making the letters the leading role.

For the foil processing of the original stationery, which is the return item, we use foil materials and paper stored at Cosmotech. There are also rare materials that you don't usually see, and you can enjoy the "foil material and paper eggplant combination" for this time only.

In addition, this “experience” will not only allow you to feel the fun of letters and the beauty of foil, but also provide you with an “experience of actually using letters”. We will also send you an annual passcode (1 year) for the "mojimo pack" with the typeface used for the returned stationery.

Original foil stamping stationery provided

We have prepared original stationery (3 types in total) designed only for this crowdfunding measure.
・Letter set (20 letter papers, 5 envelopes/set)
・Notebook set (2 types/1 set)
・Original book cover

You can actually “touch” high-quality fonts and foil stamping, “try” fonts, and “experience” the fun of letters and foil.

What is “mojimo-Experience”?

“mojimo-Experience” literally means “experience and experience” for people who have never had the opportunity to touch fonts before, and it is a challenge measure that starts to “feel” the goodness of the service.
In the first installment, we collaborated with “Cosmo Tech Co., Ltd.”, a foil stamping shop that has queues to convey the “fun of letters” and “beauty of foil stamping”.

Product Summary

Product name mojimo-Experience 1st: We want to deliver the fun of letters to everyone! Collaboration stationery with fonts and foil stamping
Service start date Thursday, March 31, 2022
price 4,400 yen to 15,000 yen (tax included)

Mojimo 4th Anniversary 3 Months Consecutive Pack Offering

In commemoration of the 4th anniversary of the release of "mojimo", we have started offering the following packs.