[Iwata LETS] New fonts "Iwata Song Dynasty" and "Iwata Antic" are now available.

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From the annual flat-rate font service "Iwata LETS", a total of 7 typefaces, "Iwata Songcho D/B Pro", "Iwata Songcho Shingana D/B Pro", and "Iwata Antic M/B/E ProN", will be available from 2022. Available from Friday, July 22, 2019.

"Iwata LETS" members who are contracting <New LETS> can use the font immediately by activating the font.

Iwata Song Dynasty typeface

"Iwata Sung Chotai" is characterized by sharp angular lines and stippled sharp edges. It was developed based on the Song Dynasty typeface that was born in China.
“Song Dynasty Type M” reproduces kanji and kana characters from the printing era, and “Song Dynasty Type New Gana M” is a modern arrangement of kana designs. have been arranged.
The Song Dynasty typeface can be used for business cards, Advertisement, book titles, and Text composition, and can be typeset with a new sensation that is slightly different from the Mincho typeface.

Iwata antitic body

"Iwata Antiktai" is characterized by a combination of powerful Gothic kanji and soft, brush-styled antichic kana, and has been widely used in comic speech balloons due to its richly expressive calligraphic style.
By arranging the three Weight of "Iwata Antitic M (medium), B (thick), and E (extra thick)", it corresponds to the specifications of comics that are diversifying in terms of medium and size.
In addition to greatly expanding the character types, we have added new antique glyphs that are full of playfulness, including special kana characters with voiced dots and reversed expressions, emotional expressions with various facial expressions, and food allergies. It can be used not only for doujinshi and comics, but also for various entertainment such as Video.

Provided typeface

Iwata Song Dynasty Body D Pro
Iwata Song Dynasty Body B Pro
Iwata Song Dynasty New Gana D Pro
Iwata Song Dynasty New Gana B Pro
Iwata Antitic Body M ProN
Iwata Antitic Body B ProN
Iwata Antitic Body E ProN

*1,434 "antique external characters" are recorded in the external character area from U+E000.

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