[New LETS] Announcement of expansion of license for broadcasting and Video use overseas


The annual flat-rate font service "LETS" has expanded its license for broadcast and Video use from Thursday, April 25, 2024. With this expansion of license, LETS fonts, which were previously only available for broadcasting in Japan, can now be used for broadcasting and streaming overseas.

Broadcasting and distribution overseas is now possible

The scope of permission has been expanded to allow LETS customers to use fonts more flexibly when broadcasting and distributing video content not only in Japan but also overseas.
Domestic broadcasting stations, Video production companies, distribution platforms, and creators can rest assured that they can use the wide range of designs and high-quality fonts provided by LETS, regardless of the region in which they are distributed.

*Production and editing is limited to Japan.
*Please comply with local laws, rules and regulations in the area where you broadcast or stream.

Examples of LETS usage can be found here.

Target service lineup

・Fontworks LETS
・Monotype LETS
・Iwata LETS
・Motoya LETS
・Hosei LETS
*All apply to new LETS only

LETS strives to provide an environment where you can freely and safely accelerate your creative activities. We are always exploring new possibilities, aiming to become a service that further enhances your creativity.