45 fonts from Kinuta Typeface Factory now available on Fontworks LETS

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Fontworks Inc. has begun offering 45 typefaces from Kinuta Typeface Production, including the Japanese typeface "Maru Mincho Family," which has enjoyed universal popularity since its release, on its annual flat-rate font services "Fontworks LETS" and "Fontworks LETS for Students," and its web font service "FONTPLUS."
(FONTPLUS will add 13 unreleased fonts)

What is Maru Mincho

Since its release in 2001, this typeface has been loved and used for a long time, from paper media such as posters, Advertisement, and magazines to digital content such as TV commercials, programs, and the web.
Although it is a Mincho font, the use of circles as elements gives it a soft impression, and the characters, with their emphasis on brush strokes, have a sense of dynamism, while also giving the viewer a sense of warmth and nostalgia.
There are seven different kana types in the Maru Mincho font.

Among them, Maruaki Old, which is classical yet modern, orthodox yet charming, has been used in many Advertisement media and books.

[All Fonts provided]
・iroha gothic (12 types)
・Mincho typeface (3 types)
・Marumaru Gothic (6 types)
・Mincho round font (7 types)
・Cores (5 types)
・Leads and pencils (10 types)
・Yamamotoan (2 types)

You can use it at no additional charge with the annual flat-rate font services "Fontworks LETS" and "Fontworks LETS for Students."
We will continue to expand our font lineup to make our users' creative activities more free.
Fontworks LETS:

In addition, the official note goes into more detail about Kinuta Typeface Factory and typefaces. Please take a look.
Fontworks x Monotype official note:

Kinuta Typeface Factory LETS Font List

You can import a font list of 45 fonts from Kinuta Typeface Factory from here.
*To use the fonts in the font list, you will need to sign up for the annual flat-rate font services "Fontworks LETS" and "Fontworks LETS for Students."

About Kinuta Typeface Factory
Founded in 1995.
Just as there are "voice actors" for the voices that convey words, there should also be "character actors" for the letters that convey words.
Based on this idea, we have developed many variations of kana and created fonts.
Experience the unique appeal of the Japanese language, with its combination of kanji and kana, through the fonts of Kinuta Typeface Factory.
The richness of words will surely uplift your spirit.

About Fontworks Inc.
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