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Kiyonaga Co., Ltd. is developing an outsourcing business for logistics operations. Due to the recent increase in demand for EC mail order due to the influence of the Corona disaster, it is an indispensable part of our lives.
Kiyonaga Co., Ltd. is focusing on inner branding, and as part of the branding project with IDA Co., Ltd., Fontworks is published in the "In-house newsletter" published to disseminate the activities of all employees. We had you adopt typeface.

We would like to talk online with "Kiyocho" and "IDA", who is working on a branding project, about the efforts of the two companies' in-house newsletter project and how they adopted the typeface. I was allowed to do it.

(From left) IDA Fujiwara Co., Ltd., Kiyonaga Okada Co., Ltd.,
Kiyonaga Asahina Co., Ltd., IDA Inoko Co., Ltd.

I want to develop human resources who can disseminate "the goodness of Kiyonaga" and "what they are doing" to the outside.

――Thank you for your time today!
First of all, may I ask you about the position of Mr. Asahina and Mr. Okada of Kiyonaga Co., Ltd. in this in-house newsletter project?

Mr. Okada (Kiyocho):
Regarding the issuance of this in-house newsletter, it is not being promoted by any specific department, but is being operated as an in-house project, and I am the leader of that project. Asahina is also my direct boss, but in this in-house newsletter project, you will be in the position of project owner.
In addition, the in-house newsletter is roughly divided into three contents, and each content has a person in the position of editor-in-chief.

IDA is involved in the overall planning of the in-house newsletter project, from participation in planning meetings such as content review, coverage / shooting, article creation based on the coverage, magazine design of the in-house newsletter, site for employees. We have you play an active part in a wide range of contents up to.

――When did the in-house newsletter project start?

Mr. Okada (Kiyocho):
It took about half a year to prepare, but the first issue was published in August 2020. Just in the second year last month, the first issue of Season 2 was published.
We would like to develop and increase "human resources" who can disseminate "the goodness of Kiyonaga" and "what we are doing" to the outside. In the future, while disseminating such information to the outside, I thought that the place called "in-house newsletter" would be a practice for dissemination so that we could properly express our thoughts and what we wanted to convey. did.

――I think it is very important to develop human resources who can convey the “goodness of the company” to the outside world!
Could you tell us what made you think that you needed such human resources?

Asahina-san (Kiyocho):
I thought that acquiring new customers would start with getting to know "the goodness of Kiyonaga" and "the service of Kiyonaga," and I began to be conscious of strengthening the ability of employees to communicate.
The in-house newsletter project has entered its second year, and the project members have changed a little. "Increasing the number of members who can communicate about our company" is also the final purpose of this project, so when we enter the third year, even those who are not members of this in-house newsletter will take leadership and promote the project. We are aiming for a form that allows us to go.

A motivational magazine that says, "Let's do our best so that we can focus on our in-house newsletter."

――Please tell us the points you were conscious of, the points, and the points you focused on when creating the in-house newsletter.

You wanted to be cool! !!

Asahina-san (Kiyocho):
I wanted to make the magazine motivated by seeing the cool appearance of the colleagues I work with, which was featured in the in-house newsletter, and saying, "Let's do our best to get the focus in the in-house newsletter."
In addition, the in-house newsletter is printed every month and distributed to employees together with salary statements, but by making it paper, the work and activity of employees can be seen not only by the employees themselves but also by their families. I want to create content that can be communicated firmly.

Sophisticated "Tsukushi typeface" series

――I think that the magazine was created in pursuit of "coolness" in the first year, but I heard that the taste has changed slightly in the second year. Was there any reason for this change?

Mr. Okada (Kiyocho):
Rather than having a chance to change something, it may be closer to the image that I want to change the impression a little because I entered the second year (laugh)

Inoko-san (IDA):
The second year started with requests such as "I want to change the design completely because it is the second year", "I want to show it proudly to my family and juniors as in the first year", "I long for it to appear here" ... right!

――I see.
In the second year, you chose Fontworks typeface for the characters in the public relations magazine. Please tell us your impressions of what you like and how you chose it.

Inoko-san (IDA):
In the first year, I wanted to make the magazine look cool, so I used Gothic font for both the Heading and the Text. It is a form that prioritizes readability and magnitude of impact.

Inoko-san (IDA):
In the second year, I heard from Mr. Kiyonaga that he wanted to make the magazine look cooler and more admired, and I thought it would be good to add a characteristic Mincho style to the Heading in order to change the atmosphere. I did.
When I was thinking "what kind of Mincho style is good", there were two patterns of design candidates for the magazine, and I considered using the typeface that suits each. One is the image of "energetic that accelerates growth." The other is a "cool" image that gives a heavier impression and burns the inner fighting spirit. As a result, the direction of the "energetic" image was decided.
For energetic images, "Tsukushi A Old Mincho" was used for the Heading, and for cool images, "Tsukushi B Old Mincho" and "Tsukushi C Old Mincho" were used for verification.

There are many Mincho fonts in the world, and when you want to use a characteristic Mincho font that can make you feel emotional, instead of using a standard one that has few features. I got the impression that the appearance of the "Tsukushi typeface series" was sophisticated, so I chose from them.

――What kind of image did you have of the typeface when it was actually published in the magazine?

Inoko-san (IDA):
I prepared some patterns when deciding the typeface of the Heading, but by actually comparing the characters, I could feel that the appearance has changed significantly even for those who are not usually related to the typeface. I think it was.

In-house newsletter leads to motivation

――Thank you for telling us the details about the process of adopting the typeface and your impressions.
This time, I thought that you chose the in-house newsletter because of inner branding, but I would like to ask you how you would like to promote the project in the future and how you would like to convey it.

Mr. Okada (Kiyocho):
Not limited to the in-house newsletter, employees set goals, work on them, and carry them out. In addition, I think it is important that such behavior is properly evaluated, such as achieving results through it. I think there are various methods for evaluation, but I hope that one of the forms is that the in-house newsletter will lead to motivation.
In addition, it would be great if the in-house newsletter could be used as sales materials and presentation materials for business partners as it is by properly disseminating the efforts we are making in the in-house newsletter.

Circulating from the in-house newsletter, leading to employee growth

Mr. Fujiwara (IDA):
May I talk about the good points of Kiyonaga-san's in-house newsletter?


Mr. Fujiwara (IDA):
From Season 2, I have posted a section called "Subasen" that Kiyonaga-san thought about, and this is another great idea. "Great Center" is abbreviated as "Subasen".
Mr. Kiyonaga has many distribution warehouses, but the know-how and knowledge of each warehouse is shared in the in-house newsletter. I think that there are many companies that share by order from above, but by taking up the success story as one article, the employees of other centers who saw it will be interested and voluntarily "want to see". is. It led to the sharing of success stories in a better group.

Inoko-san (IDA):
Is it okay from me?
I interview Kiyonaga every month, so I think I'm talking to almost all the employees.
The interview was conducted with a person who was a project leader of some kind. The project itself can be large or small, but no matter who you talk to, please be proud of what you are working on every day and speak in your own words.
I think that the existence of the in-house newsletter is a good stimulus not only for the readers but also for the interviewees.

――It's really wonderful that everything is circulating in a good direction, starting from the company newsletter.
I think that being able to Language also leads to being able to realize the goal. I will take it home and use it as a reference!
Thank you for telling us a valuable story today!

Date of coverage: September 10, 2021

Left: Fontworks Inc. Ando Right: Fontworks Inc. Yamashita

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