[Adventures around fonts # 2] In the city of Brisbane


Hello, this is sales department Ando.

In the second part of "The Adventures Over Fonts", I would like to present you my travels abroad.

Come on, Wasn't the "The Adventures Over Fonts" series "A series to go meet someone you want to see now?" It seems that you can hear the plunge, but I will change the policy as soon as possible to "a series where you meet people you want to see now or go to see what you want to see" (laugh). Please forgive me!


By the way, last year we had a solo trip with Germany in January and with Serbia in August, but this year we also made a stable (!) Solo trip in late July. Originally I was planning to travel to Vladivostok, Russia, but this time I changed to Brisbane, Australia.

I want to see rugby in Australia!

The main purpose of this trip is "to experience authentic rugby in Australia".

The Rugby World Cup will be held in Japan for the first time in September this year, but the four most powerful countries in the Southern Hemisphere (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Argentina) will compete in the last four (4) England tournaments. Competition I wanted to watch the field, so I quickly switched to Brisbane where the Australian national team will be held.

On the day of departure. Approximately 7 hours after leaving Haneda Airport, when we arrived at Singapore Changi Airport, which is a transit point, we immediately started preparations for transit.

After being asked to issue a ticket to Brisbane at the counter, I rushed to buy Chinese (Singapore = Simplified) and Malay newspapers and enjoyed a coffee at the cafe while watching the newspapers. As Boris Johnson was vaguely looking at the article that was elected to the British Conservative Party, the boarding time was approaching in no time.

Take a photo of the area around the cafe and board a Qantas flight 52, heading to Brisbane.

A flower that bloomed in "Water Lily Garden" at Changi Airport in Singapore.
Free guidebook installed at Changi Airport, Singapore. It was prepared in three patterns: English version, Simplified Chinese version, and Malay version.

Brisbane, a city where you can feel the height of "aesthetic sense"

Brisbane is said to be Australia's third-largest city after Sydney and Melbourne, and boasts a high population growth rate, with more than 20% of its residents from overseas. Looking around the area after arriving at Brisbane Central Station, it seems that people of all races are walking around the city, and Asians are more than expected.

While watching the people who are passing by with interest, the routines for travel, such as "buying local newspapers and magazines" and "looking at the billboards in the city," are activated immediately!

A modern red brick church near Brisbane Central Station. Among the skyscrapers lined up around, there was a particularly strong presence, including the white steeple.


Prices are very high in Australia, and one bottle of 500 ml mineral water costs about AUD 3 (240 yen). Newspapers and magazines were expensive, but I wasn't scared of buying multiple copies of multiple media at the kiosk (laughs).

Using the 30 cm ruler I brought with me on this trip, I fold the newspaper neatly in a rest space in the city, put it in a clear file, and repeat the work with good tempo. After finishing the work, I went to Brisbane city to see the signboard.

Even though it is midwinter, it is sunny and the sunshine is more severe than in Japan. But as there is no humidity, it is very comfortable.

Above all, the signboards that come into your eyes are fashionable, and the footsteps are naturally light. The signboard simple but easy to see design highly sans-serif had been frequently used (Western / multi-Language license "Monotype LETS], Many such fonts have been recorded! ).

The sign of "Parking prohibition display (C)" is also wonderful. The color scheme of red and green was beautiful as well as the letters, and it blended softly into the scenery of Brisbane.
Personally, this is the most noticeable sign of this trip. I saw this design for the first time, especially in the small letter "g"! I feel like I can get along with people who can drink this signboard design for sake (laughs).

Meanwhile, on the day of the long-awaited rugby match.

Walk from the hotel to the Suncorp Stadium, the venue for the match. There were pubs all along the way, and everyone was pouring beer into their stomachs, and I was very cheerful before the match.

A bronze statue on the way to Suncorp Stadium. A woman's head was covered with a bicycle helmet, but I also felt an aesthetic sense in these places (when I passed again after the match, the man side was also covered with a white helmet lol)

The important match between Australia and Argentina was a tight match that emphasized the defense, but it was good to be able to fully enjoy the sharp tackle and defense of Australia. To be honest, I wanted to see a lot of tries (laughs, since both sides had 2 tries), but let's enjoy it at the World Cup.

Above all, the beauty of Suncorp Stadium is breathtaking, the condition of the turf, the distance between the ground and the seats of the audience, and the inclination of the seats are also suitable for watching games. , I was chewing alone.

A newspaper, magazine, signboard, and stadium are all first-class items. It was such a trip that made me feel more like “aesthetic sense” in every corner of the city, and made me more like Australia.

Memorial statue of the war dead near Brisbane Central Station. During the current war in South Africa (the "South African War", which I learned from the "Bohr War" in world history), Australia also took part in the British Empire, causing many casualties. Although it was a war that took place over 100 years ago, the name of the war dead was engraved firmly in a solemn body.

About unforgettable travel memories

While I was taking pictures in the streets of Brisbane, I ran into a woman who was a busking (showing arts on the roadside to earn money).

Many Japanese calligraphy works were lined up, so when I courageously called out to me, it was a Japanese person who kindly responded to my sudden call. I had a business card on the spot, and on the day before my return to Japan, I had the opportunity to listen carefully to the bar at "Kangaroo Point", which is said to be a scenic spot in Brisbane.

Yuki Hamamoto, who was a bus king in the city of Brisbane. He is active in the Miyaki issue, Suiki. Recently, it seems that people often want me to draw pictures as well as calligraphy, and he said, "I continued to be crazy and my drawing skills improved (laughs)."

Yuki Hamamoto ( Facebook @ suiki.hamamoto / Instagram @ suiki.japan ) Said he had worked at a Japanese media company for 11 years after graduating from a university in Kansai. However, when I was a student, I visited 25 countries mainly in Asia and Europe as a backpacker and was active as "I think it was a tuna in the previous life". After that, he moved to Brisbane and is now busy with working people, students, and Basking.

She has a wonderful title called "Travelling Japanese Calligrapher," and said that she would like to use her 6-step calligraphy skills to proactively perform busking not only in Brisbane but also at travel destinations.


After listening to Mr. Hamamoto's story, she received a suggestion that "My Australian boyfriend is drinking on the opposite bank, so will you join me after this?" Cross the Brisbane River and arrive at the bar on the opposite bank.

I joined with my boyfriend Jason, and Jason's best friend Leroy from Gold Coast, who can understand Japanese, and drank four people.

A free ferry "City Hopper" that connects points along the Brisbane River. The service started in 2012 with the aim of activating the tourism industry. It is a valuable means of transportation for Brisbane citizens as well as tourists. By the way, Mr. Hamamoto also says "I ride every day."

In fact, Jason is also a street performer. His skill centering on magic tricks is wonderful, says Mr. Hamamoto: "I work only in the second half of the week, but I earn more than me (laughs)." What's more, I love Japanese animation, and the tattoos of popular characters were engraved on my arms and calves.

Jason, a big man who weighs well over 100 kg, was literally held in an embraced manner, imitated rugby with Leroy, danced with 4 people to the music, and finally got excited, Mr. Hamamoto Jason will take you home, so I took a word and moved to a two-story and elegant home at Kangaroo Point by taxi. We talked with Mr. Hamamoto about the red wine we bought at the store until midnight.

Even at home, Jason sits on the sofa watching the popular Japanese anime "The Seven Deadly Sins" in English subtitles. Mr. Hamamoto and the author talk while looking at him. Leroy goes drunk and goes to bed on the lower floor. A truly mysterious composition was unfolding in a foreign land, but it also became somewhat comfortable over time, and in the end I could not but thank you for this accidental encounter.

After all, I decided to stay overnight at Hamamoto-san and Jason's home. The next day, just before heading to Sydney International Airport, which is a transit destination for my return to Japan, Mr. Hamamoto sent me a stylish message saying, "See you somewhere in the world!" Like her, with the desire to live strong and supple in any place, I boarded Qantas flight 545 to Sydney.


"Man reist ja nicht, um anzukommen, sondern um zu reisen." (People travel, not to arrive, but to travel).


It's a German poet Goethe's saying that it is the real pleasure of traveling, rather than reaching the desired place, the process of reaching it, encountering and interacting with people, it is true. This trip that I realized.

I will breathe good air in the Southern Hemisphere and work even harder! Lol

A digital signage I saw at Sydney International Airport. See you a year later in Tokyo!

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