Shigenobu Fujita

typeface design director


Born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1957. Graduated from Chikuyo Gakuen High School Design Department. In 1975, joined Shaken Character Design Department of Phototypesetting Machine Co., Ltd. Fontworks Inc. in 1998 and developed many typefaces including Tsukushi typeface.

Received the 2010 Tokyo TDC Award for "Tsukushi Old Mincho" and "Tsukushimaru Gothic". BOOK designer, graphic designer must-have typeface. The latest typeface, Tsukushi Antique Series, is a design that adds a new breath to traditional Mincho and Gothic typefaces, giving a fresh feeling to the viewer and further enhancing the support of Chikushi typeface.

In 2016, appeared on NHK "Professional Work Style". In addition, "Fontworks Universal Design Font" won the IA Universal Design Award 2016 Silver Award. The Chikushi typeface series won the 2017 Good Design Award. His book is "Character Design / Typeface Fushigi" (2008, left and right company).

"Tsukushi Old Gothic B" "Tsukushi Antique Gothic-B" "Tsukushi Antique Mincho-L" "Tsukushi Q Mincho-L" "Tsukushi A Vintage Mincho-R" "Tsukushi B Vintage Mincho-R" Received the 2018 Tokyo TDC Award Type Design Award.

Representative font

Production font


Every year, I want to make the members excited with the new Chikushi typeface.

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