Chiaro B

キアロ B

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A typeface that can express a "sharpness and refreshing" image with a blend of rhythmic Mincho and Gothic. While leaving the flow of the Mincho type, I made Gothic processing for the starting and ending strokes to add clarity.

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JIS X 0208:1990
Character Sets
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OpenType function
Character width Half-width metric (halt)
Proportional metrics (palt)
Vertical type width half-width metrics (vhal)
Vertical Proportional Metrics (vpal)
Any ligature (dlig)
Single-width double-byte character (fwid)
Mono-width half-width character (hwid)
JIS78 character shape (jp78)
General ligatures / standard ligatures (liga)
Proportional glyphs (pwid)
Old font (trad)
Vertical type (vert)


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Chiaro B
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AJ 1-6 AJ 1-5 AJ 1-4 AJ 1-3
Pr6 Pr6N Pr5 Pr5N Pro ProN Std StdN


  • General ligatures / standard ligatures (liga)
  • Glyph depending on context (calt)
  • Any ligature (dlig)


  • Small Caps (smcp)
  • Uppercase small caps (c2sc)
  • Swash-shaped (swsh)
  • Design variations (salt)


  • Lining number (lnum)
  • Old Styles numbers (onum)
  • Proportional number (pnum)
  • Monospaced numbers (tnum)
  • Fraction (frac)
  • Superscript ordinal notation (ordn)

Set of designs

  • Design set 01-20 (ss ##)

Glyphs with different widths

  • Proportional glyphs (pwid)
  • Proportional metrics (palt)
  • Proportional kana (pkna)
  • Single-width double-byte character (fwid)
  • Mono-width half-width character (hwid)
  • Character width Half-width metric (halt)
  • Monospaced triplet (twid)
  • Monospaced quartet (qwid)

Culturally different glyphs

  • JIS78 character shape (jp78)
  • JIS83 character shape (jp83)
  • JIS90 character shape (jp90)
  • JIS2004 character shape (jp04)
  • Old font (trad)
  • Glyph for ruby
  • Kana for horizontal writing (hkna)
  • Standard print font (nlck)
  • Modified glyph (nalt)
  • Italic

Vertical writing function

  • Vertical pair kerning (vkrn)
  • Vertical type (vert)
  • Vertical Proportional Metrics (vpal)
  • Vertical type width half-width metrics (vhal)
  • Kana for vertical assembly (vkna)


  • Kerning
  • Typesetting / decomposition (ccmp)
  • Localized glyphs (locl)
  • Superscript (sups)
  • Subscript

Correspondence service

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