DNP Shuei Mincho B

DNP 秀英明朝 B

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Shueitai is a typeface that has been in development for over 100 years since the days of Shueisha, the predecessor of Dai Nippon Printing. Among the Hidehide type with abundant families, "Shuei Mincho" has the most vitality. For many years, I have continued to convey the texts of books and magazines. This one-stroke typeface has an eloquent look and gives the reader a solid sense of trust.

In the recent renewal, while following the features of the past, the detailed design returned to the original characters of the print type era and explored the original typeface. The horizontal drawing Weight has been developed to be thicker than other Mincho styles, and there are few flicker of fine lines, and it keeps the blackness that is easy on the eyes.

Weight has three types of L, M and B, and by combining as Text group and Heading, it conveys the unity and calm impression of the Hideei body expression. .

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Dai Nippon Printing (LETS)
Dai Nippon Printing (LETS)
JIS X 0213: 2000
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OpenType function
Character width Half-width metric (halt)
Proportional metrics (palt)
Vertical type width half-width metrics (vhal)
Vertical Proportional Metrics (vpal)
Typesetting / decomposition (ccmp)
Any ligature (dlig)
Fraction (frac)
Single-width double-byte character (fwid)
Kana for horizontal writing (hkna)
Mono-width half-width character (hwid)
JIS2004 character shape (jp04)
JIS78 character shape (jp78)
JIS83 character shape (jp83)
General ligatures / standard ligatures (liga)
Modified glyph (nalt)
Standard print font (nlck)
Proportional kana (pkna)
Proportional glyphs (pwid)
Monospaced quartet (qwid)
Glyph for ruby
Superscript (sups)
Old font (trad)
Monospaced triplet (twid)
Vertical type (vert)
Kana for vertical assembly (vkna)


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DNP Shuei Mincho L
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DNP Shuei Mincho M
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DNP Shuei Mincho B
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AJ 1-6 AJ 1-5 AJ 1-4 AJ 1-3
Pr6 Pr6N Pr5 Pr5N Pro ProN Std StdN


  • General ligatures / standard ligatures (liga)
  • Glyph depending on context (calt)
  • Any ligature (dlig)


  • Small Caps (smcp)
  • Uppercase small caps (c2sc)
  • Swash-shaped (swsh)
  • Design variations (salt)


  • Lining number (lnum)
  • Old Styles numbers (onum)
  • Proportional number (pnum)
  • Monospaced numbers (tnum)
  • Fraction (frac)
  • Superscript ordinal notation (ordn)

Set of designs

  • Design set 01-20 (ss ##)

Glyphs with different widths

  • Proportional glyphs (pwid)
  • Proportional metrics (palt)
  • Proportional kana (pkna)
  • Single-width double-byte character (fwid)
  • Mono-width half-width character (hwid)
  • Character width Half-width metric (halt)
  • Monospaced triplet (twid)
  • Monospaced quartet (qwid)

Culturally different glyphs

  • JIS78 character shape (jp78)
  • JIS83 character shape (jp83)
  • JIS90 character shape (jp90)
  • JIS2004 character shape (jp04)
  • Old font (trad)
  • Glyph for ruby
  • Kana for horizontal writing (hkna)
  • Standard print font (nlck)
  • Modified glyph (nalt)
  • Italic

Vertical writing function

  • Vertical pair kerning (vkrn)
  • Vertical type (vert)
  • Vertical Proportional Metrics (vpal)
  • Vertical type width half-width metrics (vhal)
  • Kana for vertical assembly (vkna)


  • Kerning
  • Typesetting / decomposition (ccmp)
  • Localized glyphs (locl)
  • Superscript (sups)
  • Subscript

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