Tsukushi Gothic (N specification) D

筑紫ゴシック(N仕様) D

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Tsukushi Gothic has been developing based on the consistency of design with the Tsukushi Mincho family released in 2003. The range of use is wide, such as books, magazines, catalogs, and leaflets, and the texture of the characters is emphasized so that it can be used when quality is required. Text, captions, small Heading from the large Heading is the Gothic family of all 8 weights was designed to be the best expression to. Tsukushi Gothic style is a combination of modern sharpness and clean hardness, and a classic taste and softness. It is an orthodox but can add freshness to the viewer. While emphasizing "homogeneousness/proportionality", which is the mainstream of modern typeface design, we never lose sight of the fact that "characters were invented and created while writing by hand," and like "Tsukushi Mincho," "writing." The movement of the hand is expressed in the text itself. Being able to see the movement of "writing" is the source of the expressive power of "basically embossing the meaning of sentences" as the mission of the basic typeface. In each of the actions of making, using, and reading typefaces, Tsukushi Gothic created by re-examining the fundamentals of design, such as the mission and role of Gothic that can express the present age.
*N specifications: Specifications with a glyph corresponding to JIS X 0213:2004 (commonly known as JIS2004)

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JIS X 0213: 2004
Character Sets
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OpenType function
Character width Half-width metric (halt)
Proportional metrics (palt)
Vertical type width half-width metrics (vhal)
Vertical pair kerning (vkrn)
Vertical Proportional Metrics (vpal)
Typesetting / decomposition (ccmp)
Any ligature (dlig)
Fraction (frac)
Single-width double-byte character (fwid)
Kana for horizontal writing (hkna)
Mono-width half-width character (hwid)
JIS78 character shape (jp78)
JIS83 character shape (jp83)
JIS90 character shape (jp90)
General ligatures / standard ligatures (liga)
Modified glyph (nalt)
Standard print font (nlck)
Proportional kana (pkna)
Proportional glyphs (pwid)
Monospaced quartet (qwid)
Glyph for ruby
Superscript (sups)
Old font (trad)
Monospaced triplet (twid)
Vertical type (vert)
Kana for vertical assembly (vkna)


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Tsukushi Gothic (N specification) L
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Tsukushi Gothic (N specification) R
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Tsukushi Gothic (N specification) M
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Tsukushi Gothic (N specification) D
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AJ 1-6 AJ 1-5 AJ 1-4 AJ 1-3
Pr6 Pr6N Pr5 Pr5N Pro ProN Std StdN


  • General ligatures / standard ligatures (liga)
  • Glyph depending on context (calt)
  • Any ligature (dlig)


  • Small Caps (smcp)
  • Uppercase small caps (c2sc)
  • Swash-shaped (swsh)
  • Design variations (salt)


  • Lining number (lnum)
  • Old Styles numbers (onum)
  • Proportional number (pnum)
  • Monospaced numbers (tnum)
  • Fraction (frac)
  • Superscript ordinal notation (ordn)

Set of designs

  • Design set 01-20 (ss ##)

Glyphs with different widths

  • Proportional glyphs (pwid)
  • Proportional metrics (palt)
  • Proportional kana (pkna)
  • Single-width double-byte character (fwid)
  • Mono-width half-width character (hwid)
  • Character width Half-width metric (halt)
  • Monospaced triplet (twid)
  • Monospaced quartet (qwid)

Culturally different glyphs

  • JIS78 character shape (jp78)
  • JIS83 character shape (jp83)
  • JIS90 character shape (jp90)
  • JIS2004 character shape (jp04)
  • Old font (trad)
  • Glyph for ruby
  • Kana for horizontal writing (hkna)
  • Standard print font (nlck)
  • Modified glyph (nalt)
  • Italic

Vertical writing function

  • Vertical pair kerning (vkrn)
  • Vertical type (vert)
  • Vertical Proportional Metrics (vpal)
  • Vertical type width half-width metrics (vhal)
  • Kana for vertical assembly (vkna)


  • Kerning
  • Typesetting / decomposition (ccmp)
  • Localized glyphs (locl)
  • Superscript (sups)
  • Subscript

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