Tsukushi Q MinchoL L

筑紫Q明朝L L

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The Mincho typeface of the Tsukushi typeface series has pursued Styles that takes advantage of the originally diverse and rich shapes of Japanese characters, which is different from the traditional square Mincho typeface. Among the Mincho fonts in the Tsukushi typeface series, [Tsukushi Q Mincho] can be said to be the ``most innovative Mincho font'' and ``the Mincho font that surpasses Mincho fonts.''
The characteristic small, tightly squeezed bosom and the long limb-like harai extending from it create a dynamic and relaxed expression that goes beyond the framework of the Mincho font.It has a handwritten kana, and when used horizontally, it looks like cursive. Vertical writing creates a sense of unity and rhythm, such as vertical writing, which is unique to Japanese.

<Origin of the name>
“Q” is the name of the typeface “Tsukushi Q Mincho”. Actually, it's "Q" for "Question". By reflecting the questions asked by those who see Tsukushi Q Mincho in the font name, ``Is this Mincho font? Is it no longer a cursive font?'', we convey the charm of this font to the fullest. .

<Comment from Type Designers Shigenobu Fujita>
Tsukushi Q Mincho is a typeface that has evolved from Tsukushi Antique Mincho into a more old-fashioned and fresh Mincho font. The tight body of the letters and the looseness of the edges are similar to those of calligraphy. The traditional Mincho kanji design has a modern, geometric feel, but the Tsukushi Q Mincho kanji design has a mild touch that gives you a sense of body temperature without sacrificing its sharp feel. The combination of these kanji and ``kana'', which incorporates handwritten elements, allows for highly persuasive expressions with intelligence that surpasses the traditional Mincho typeface in Heading and lead sentences. There are "S" small and "L" large depending on the size of the letters. "

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JIS X 0208:1990
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OpenType function
Character width Half-width metric (halt)
Proportional metrics (palt)
Vertical type width half-width metrics (vhal)
Vertical pair kerning (vkrn)
Vertical Proportional Metrics (vpal)
Any ligature (dlig)
Single-width double-byte character (fwid)
Mono-width half-width character (hwid)
JIS78 character shape (jp78)
General ligatures / standard ligatures (liga)
Proportional glyphs (pwid)
Old font (trad)
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Tsukushi Q MinchoL L
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Pr6 Pr6N Pr5 Pr5N Pro ProN Std StdN


  • General ligatures / standard ligatures (liga)
  • Glyph depending on context (calt)
  • Any ligature (dlig)


  • Small Caps (smcp)
  • Uppercase small caps (c2sc)
  • Swash-shaped (swsh)
  • Design variations (salt)


  • Lining number (lnum)
  • Old Styles numbers (onum)
  • Proportional number (pnum)
  • Monospaced numbers (tnum)
  • Fraction (frac)
  • Superscript ordinal notation (ordn)

Set of designs

  • Design set 01-20 (ss ##)

Glyphs with different widths

  • Proportional glyphs (pwid)
  • Proportional metrics (palt)
  • Proportional kana (pkna)
  • Single-width double-byte character (fwid)
  • Mono-width half-width character (hwid)
  • Character width Half-width metric (halt)
  • Monospaced triplet (twid)
  • Monospaced quartet (qwid)

Culturally different glyphs

  • JIS78 character shape (jp78)
  • JIS83 character shape (jp83)
  • JIS90 character shape (jp90)
  • JIS2004 character shape (jp04)
  • Old font (trad)
  • Glyph for ruby
  • Kana for horizontal writing (hkna)
  • Standard print font (nlck)
  • Modified glyph (nalt)
  • Italic

Vertical writing function

  • Vertical pair kerning (vkrn)
  • Vertical type (vert)
  • Vertical Proportional Metrics (vpal)
  • Vertical type width half-width metrics (vhal)
  • Kana for vertical assembly (vkna)


  • Kerning
  • Typesetting / decomposition (ccmp)
  • Localized glyphs (locl)
  • Superscript (sups)
  • Subscript

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