[Update] Schedule information for the annual flat-rate font service "LETS"


Up-to-date information about the schedule of "LETS" Announcement will be.

The current LETS end schedule is shown below.

* LETS renewed in February 2021 is called "New LETS", and LETS that has been provided before is called "Current LETS".


<Current LETS> End schedule

March 2022 Termination of providing new typefaces in the current LETS
* New typefaces after April 2022 will be provided from New LETS.

Please check this Announcement for information on the 2022 new typeface.
November 2024 Addition of current LETS (unit / LETS type), end of acceptance of contract renewal
November 2027 Termination of all current LETS services

We are preparing a "new LETS" transition plan for current LETS contract members. For details, please check the current LETS member site.

<New LETS> Release schedule

February 2022 Started offering font list sharing function
Launch of LETS for Academic (for educational institutions)
Launch of LETS for Server (server license)
March 2022 Introduced font impression word search AI
September 2022 Available for iPhone/iPad
Started offering GlyfPick option

* Contents, service names, and schedule are subject to change. Please note.