How to use mojimo font with the paint tool “CLIP ST Universal Design IO PAINT for iPad” of iPad


A tool for creators that is indispensable when drawing pictures, manga, and creating animation. Among them, "CLIP ST Universal Design IO PAINT" is known as the No.1 share (*1) illustration, manga, and animation production application used by creators all over the world.
Recently, there are plenty of apps that can be built with just a tablet such as an iPad, but this "Clip Studio" is also available in the iPad version, which is used by many creators, both professionals and amateurs.

Did you know that Fontworks' select font service mojimo was compatible with iPad (mojimo-select for iPad β version)?
Of course, CLIP ST Universal Design IO PAINT for iPad is also fully supported, and we are currently offering free for beta release.
I will introduce how to use such mojimo-select for iPad β version in the iPad version clip studio!

*1 BCN AWARD graphics software category 1st place (2015-2017, 2019)

Fonts that can be used with mojimo-select for iPad β version

For iPad, a function called "custom font" has been available since iOS 13, which was officially released last year. This means that if you install a font, you can manage the font from the setting screen and use the font in "Notepad" or an application that supports custom fonts.
The mojimo-select for iPad β version can install fonts using this custom font function!

Here are some examples of usable fonts. Have you ever seen Raglan Punch or Yuruka in manga or anime works? Matisse and Modo Mincho are also typefaces that are easy to read and have a friendly atmosphere.
You can install mojimo-select for iPad β version by selecting two fonts from these fonts.
Did you choose two of your favorite fonts? Now let's put it on your iPad!

* You can install mojimo font on your iPhone. Since this article introduces how to use it on the iPad version of Clip Studio, we are introducing how to use it on the iPad.

Install mojimo font on iPad

First of all, if you have not applied for mojimo, please complete the registration from here.

If you have already registered or are already using mojimo, log in to the member site from the iPad terminal where you want to install the font.

After logging in, see the All Fonts from "Install on iOS" and select the font you want to install.
Please check the following for detailed steps.
Installation procedure

Try fonts in "CLIP ST Universal Design IO PAINT for iPad"

Once you have the fonts installed, let's use them in Clip Studio!

1. Launch "CLIP ST Universal Design IO PAINT for iPad"
2. Click the font setting icon
3. Click the font pulldown
4. Click “Add from device font”
5. The mojimo font is displayed on the "Select font" screen.
6. Click the font you want to use and add it to the font pulldown
7. Start using

Once installed, you can use it as much as you want.
You can aim for higher quality in production on iPad!

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