"LETS" new typeface scheduled for release in the fall of 2020


Introducing the new typeface of "LETS" scheduled to be released around autumn 2020.

From the Tsukushi typeface series, such as "Tsukushi Antique A/B/C Maru Gothic", a typeface created by Han Yi Yi as a renewal project that revives the slave typeface loved by the Qinglong Emperor of the Qing dynasty of China. Shingyo Reishotai” and other hand-written catch typefaces will be released.
Look forward to the new typefaces for the fall of 2020!

*Since all typefaces are under development, the timing of offering and the typeface name may change.

Tsukushi Antique A/B/C Maru Gothic (Scheduled to be released in September 2020)

・ Tsukushi Antique A MaruGo B [Std]
・ Tsukushi Antique B MaruGo B [Std]
・ Tsukushi Antique C MaruGo B [Std]

"Tsukushi Antique Maru Gothic" is the Maru Gothic version of Tsukushi Antique Mincho. The narrow futokoro Styles has never been seen before, has a natural Gothic character. The large rounded corners have a gentle softness that has never been seen before. It can be expressed in Maru Gothic with a beautiful skeleton that has intelligence, emotion, and taste that could not be expressed in Maru Gothic.
Kana has A standard type, B handwriting type, and C writing brush type.

Shingyo Reishotai (Scheduled to be released in winter from autumn 2020)

・ Shingyo Reishotai R [Std]

"Shingyo Reishotai" is a modern typeface with modern sensibilities created as a "renewal project where the slave typeface loved by Qinglong Emperor of the Qing dynasty of China revives to the present age." Characteristically, the writing power is soft, and the wave crest (swelling of horizontal drawing) is powerful, and you can feel the gorgeous writing style in a calm style. In the neat and flexible stroke element, sharp left and right halves can create a comfortable rhythm. In consideration of the letter-type letter balance that was not seen in traditional calligraphy, we have made special efforts to maintain the flatness of the typeface so that it fits inside a well-balanced square frame.

Handwritten style catch typeface (scheduled for release from autumn 2020 to winter)

・Handwriting style catch typeface (name undecided)

It is a handwriting Styles with a felt-tip pen, with the upper part slightly tilted to the right, giving a happy and refreshing impression. Great for comics, anime, invitations, layout design and more.

With the annual flat-rate font service "LETS", you can use these typefaces as soon as possible without incurring any additional cost.

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