Let's use the mobile version of mojimo font in the iPhone photo editing app!


Recommended those who are creative with iPad and iPhone touch devices! The "mojimo" app has been released so that you can use various Fontworks fonts on your iPad or iPhone!

Until now, mojimo has provided "just right characters at just the right price" for use in various scenes, but it was only offered in the desktop version. We have received many requests and the mobile version has been released!

Since it is developed according to the mechanism "custom font" from iOS13, it can be used with apps that support custom fonts.

This will be the "first app" for Fontworks. Downloads it from the App Store.

This time, I will teach you how to add text to a photo with the font installed with the mobile version of mojimo using the photo editing app "Character Insertion".

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Recommended everyone who makes things on iPad and iPhone!

The mojimo app can be used not only on the iPad but also on the iPhone, so I would like people who are doing the following tasks on those devices to use it.

・ Those who have entered characters with the photo editing app
・ Those who are making works with the illustration creation app
・ Those who edit and process videos and upload them to SNS, YouTube, etc.
・ Those who are creating business materials for presentations, etc.

By adding mojimo fonts to your creative environment, your creative power will improve!

Install fonts with mobile version mojimo

Now, let's see how to actually install the font.

(1) Downloads

Downloads mojimo app from the "App Store".

(2) Purchase of pack

Separated for each font pack. This time I will buy the popular "mojimo-manga". Purchase from the "Buy" button on the font pack and pay with in-app purchase. When the purchase is completed, the display will change to "Purchased" and you can check the contract period.

(3) Font installation

Once you have purchased the pack, install the fonts. If it is "Install All", it Downloads all at once. By tapping the install button (circle "↓") for each typeface, you can install only the typeface you want to use. This time, I selected "Install All".

When the installation is complete, you can see a list of installed typefaces in the library. Unused typefaces can be deleted from the device by tapping the Trash. If you want to use the deleted typeface, you can install it again from the mojimo app.

You can also check the installed fonts from "Settings" on your iPad or iPhone ("Settings" → "General" → "Fonts").

Let's use fonts with a photo editing app!

Fonts installed from the mojimo app can be used with apps that support the "custom font" function.

As an easy-to-use photo editing app that supports custom fonts and can be used for free, we will introduce how to insert characters using "Character Insertion" as an example.

After launching the character-insertion app, add a photo from the button on the upper right.

This time, I would like to add text to the photo of the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks 15th Anniversary uniform!

After adding a photo, a frame for entering text will be displayed with the "+" button below the photo.

You can edit it by double-tapping the frame, so enter the characters.

When you tap "Font", a list will be displayed, so tap "+" on the upper right. Then, the font of mojimo installed earlier will be displayed, so select the font.

Repeat it, decorate the text, and "save" it to complete. If you export it to an image, you can post it on SNS.

I was able to add text to the image like this.

"Cheer at home" is" Raglan Punch "and "#sbhawks" is" Tsukushi Antique L Mincho L".






mojimo アプリには、1書体無料で使用できる「mojimo-free」というパックもありますので、まずはアプリをダウンロードし、フォントを使って写真への文字入れをお楽しみください。


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